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How Much Do Tucson Nursing Homes Cost?

In the city of Tucson there are 527,972 residents with 11.9 percent of these people being over the age of 65. This equals out to more than 50,000 people in this city alone who may, at some point in time, require nursing home care. While there is no question that Tucson is a popular city for retirement, thanks to the beautiful landscape, pleasant, warm temperatures and plethora of activities. However, those who need nursing home care, and their families, may not know how to get started. This is why the information you will find here can be helpful in your search for the right nursing home facility.

What You Should Know about Nursing Home Care in Tucson

There are a total of 22 nursing homes in the city of Tucson.

By the year 2030 it is expected that the number of people in Arizona who are over the age of 85 will increase by 135%.

A third of all the nursing homes in Arizona have rated “above average” in their health inspections.

Recent studies have discovered that non-profit nursing homes, generally, deliver a higher level of care, than for profit organizations.

Price Expectations for Nursing Homes

In the metropolitan area of Tucson, in 2015, the average expense of a nursing home bed was $6,726.48 each month. The cost of care will vary based on the location of the facility, if the resident wants a private or semi-private room and the services that the person needs. For example, on the low end, the cost of care at Broadway Proper starts at only $1,600 per month, while the monthly starting cost for a room at Via Elgante is $4,495. It is important for a senior and their family to determine what they are able to realistically afford prior to making any decisions about the nursing home facility that is right for them.

Quality and Type of Care in Tucson Nursing Homes

The decision of moving into a nursing home can be difficult for a senior as well as their family. It means leaving everything they have known and relying on others for help with day to day tasks. However, thanks to superior training and more options than ever before, it is easy to find a nursing home that is able to provide the services that a senior needs, ensuring they remain healthy and happy throughout their Golden Years.

The care that is received in a Tucson nursing home is typically customized to a particular resident’s needs. For example, there may be some who need physical or occupational therapy, while others require memory care services. There are locations throughout Tucson that provide all sorts of care, so finding what is needed should not be much of a challenge.

In addition to basic assistance with activities of daily life, there is typically an activities director on staff who plans events, get-togethers and even outings for residents. Some facilities are pet friendly and others have on-site amenities, such as a beauty salon or restaurant style eating. With a bit of time and effort, anyone can find the best nursing home for themselves or their loved one.

Finding the Financial Assistance to Pay for Nursing Home Care in Tucson

One of the biggest challenges of nursing home care for a senior loved one is finding a way to pay for it. Currently, the state of Arizona is spending about 40 percent of its total Medicaid long-term care budget for older people who require some type of long term care. This amount is projected to continue to increase. However for some, Medicaid is not an option for payment for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some facilities simply do not take this as a form of payment.

A popular option for seniors who are trying to find a viable way to pay for long-term care is long-term care insurance. This will provide assistance to seniors when they reach the age or period of time where they need long term care. For some, this will happen sooner than for others, which is why purchasing this insurance policy at the earliest possible time is a good idea.

Another option to help cover the cost of nursing home care is to sell off assets. If a senior owns a home, or stocks, they can sell these to receive the money necessary to cover their long-term care. While this may not be the most appealing option, it is one that can be highly effective.

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