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Financial Assistance for Tucson Seniors

The Tucson area of Arizona offers a wide range of resources to help low-income seniors on a tight budget. Financial assistance is available at both the city and state level that will help to cover the costs of buying groceries, and paying home energy and utility bills. This guide includes a selection of excellent community resources where seniors can get information about activities in their area such as field trips and social events so they can stay active, healthy, and happy.

Nutritional Assistance Programs, Food Pantries, and Meals on Wheels

Low-income Tucson seniors that have difficulty affording groceries can benefit from the Nutrition Assistance program administered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. The benefits help older adults by providing them with supplemental financial assistance so they can purchase food, avoid hunger, and stay healthy.

The Tucson area is home to many food pantries, several of which are sponsored by local churches and nonprofit community organizations. Mobile outreach nutritional programs include Pima Meals on Wheels that delivers meals to homebound seniors that are at least 60 years of age. Mobile Meals of Tucson is another program that benefits older adults with home delivered healthy, nutritious meals.

Affordable Housing and Energy Assistance Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) maintains an excellent selection of resources for senior citizens. Tools on the HUD website include information about federal housing programs for seniors, housing choice vouchers (Section 8), housing counseling, and public housing options. The “affordable apartment search” tool provides a detailed listing of complexes in Tucson that displays the number of bedrooms within each apartment unit.

Energy and utility assistance programs administered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security are available to help provide low-income seniors cover the costs of their home energy expenses. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) works with community provider agencies to help seniors pay their heating and cooling utility bills.

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) administered by the Arizona Department of Housing benefits seniors by providing them with the opportunity to make their homes more energy efficient, which in turn helps to reduce overall energy costs.

Community Service Programs for Tucson Seniors

The PIMA County on Aging (PCOA) provides Tucson seniors with a wide range of programs including transportation services to help them stay active and connected to the community. Older adults can choose from a variety of activities to participate in that provides the opportunity to meet other seniors. Some examples include day trips and drawing studio classes.

The City of Tucson administers several programs for active seniors through their Parks and Recreation Department. Older adults can choose to engage in area activities such as field trips, events, and educational programs with the Senior Activity Card. Older adults that enjoy board games, crafts, card games, and day trips will enjoy the Senior Club Program.

The City of Tucson lists several “dedicated senior centers” on their website where older adults can meet and socialize with others. Depending on the location, highlights include a library and pool tables, a computer lab, dance hall, gift shop, TV, and a kitchen. The centers enable seniors to stay connected within the community and to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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