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Toronto Veterans Benefits

In recognition of their service to our nation, veterans have access to a broad range of benefits. The problem is that it is typically difficult to learn about all of the programs. Fortunately, there are several local resources available to vets in the Toronto area to assist you with getting through the process of identifying job search services, housing programs, and healthcare benefits, like mental health and substance abuse programs.

Toronto-Area Veteran Health Benefits Services

Almost all veterans are eligible for healthcare benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada. You may qualify to receive financial support for treatment benefits if you are in receipt of financial assistance through the Long Term Care program, the War Veterans Allowance, a disability benefit, or services through the Veterans Independence Program.

If you are eligible for the health care benefits, you get financial support for the health care benefits or services available through the fourteen programs of choice, which include special equipment, orthotics and prosthetics, oxygen therapy, medical supplies, dental services, and much more. They may also reimburse expenses incurred if you have to travel to receive treatment services and benefits.

Veteran Housing Benefits

Toronto is home to the largest veterans’ care facility in Canada. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre works in close partnership with VAC to offer long-term and complex hospital care to nearly 500 vets from the Korean War and Second World War. When their needs can no longer be met in the community, residents live as independently as possible in the two wings of the facility. They offer cognitive support, palliative care, and physical support.

The VAC believes that one homeless veteran is one too many. This is why they work with local organizations to take steps to reach out to veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. In Toronto, Mainstay Housing provides housing for veterans with mental health issues. They have 867 units in a variety of housing options with some degree of support. This is a permanent housing solution in 41 residential locations across Toronto.

Other Veteran Benefits Resources in the Toronto Area

The War Veterans Allowance supplies monthly financial aid to assist low-income vets and their survivors in meeting essential needs. The amount provided depends on your marital status, if you have any dependents, and your income. Based on the consumer price index, your allowance rate is adjusted quarterly.

Vets and their survivors can get assisting with finding civilian employment through the VAC’s Career Transition Services program. You will be reimbursed up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 for job finding assistance, interview techniques, resume writing, aptitude testing, services of a professional recruiter agent, individual career counseling, job search skills, job market analysis, and career assessments.

The Veterans Independence Program aids you in staying self-sufficient and independent in your community and in your own home. Based on your health needs and circumstances, you may be eligible for financial help to obtain services like access to nutrition, housekeeping, personal care, grounds maintenance, and support and health services provided by a health professional.

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