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Toronto Senior Services

Toronto has an astounding senior population of more than 360,000. Besides the many clear benefits to living in Toronto – access to big-city amenities, an array of cultural attractions, and diversity – retired people can also count on a wide selection of senior services to help with everything from transportation and hot meals to an active social life and physical fitness. Discover more about what is available for you or a family member by learning about these ten Toronto-area senior service programs.

Meals on Wheels is a Toronto meal delivery service for golden agers aged 55 and better. Meals are available frozen or hot, and the costs vary from about $4 to $7 per entrée. They can also accommodate your specific dietary restrictions.

Community Care Access Centres assist people in accessing government-funded long-term care homes, community support, health agencies, and home care services. There are many CCACs serving various parts of Toronto.

Housing Connections manages a number of non-profit and cooperative housing options in Toronto. This can be an inexpensive rental option for independent golden agers 59 and older. The cooperative houses are owned by the residents, who vote on decisions and assist with operations.

The Toronto Public Library offers top quality library collections along with services and programs that reflect the diverse needs and interests of older adults. You can learn to use computers in the Learning Centre, take part in book clubs, volunteer, and more.

The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly is a legal clinic for low-income seniors. They specialize in legal problems of retired people, such as income and pension, advance care planning, capacity and consent issues, and retirement home and long-term care problems.

The Second Mile Club exists to provide services and resources that contribute to the enhancement of the intellectual, physical, and social well being of the multicultural community of seniors in the City of Toronto. Their programs include recreation centres, bowling, congregate dining, and more.

The Toronto District School Board hosts a number of seniors’ daytime and continuing education programs. There are daytime courses in fitness, general interest, and art. The classes are open to adults 65 years of age or older and fees may apply.

Fairfield Seniors Centre supplies a broad array of educational, support, and social services to seniors in the community. Throughout the year, retirees clubs, weekly programs, and special events take place.

Eat Right Ontario will help you eat right so you can stay healthy as you age. You can meet with a registered dietician to learn more about disease prevention, nutrition, and how to make better food choices.

Horner Avenue Seniors Centre is a smaller centre where you can renew old acquaintances and make new friends. They have something for every interest from family activities to classes.

Consider contacting your nearest Community Care Access Centre or any of the other groups listed above if you cannot find what you need in this guide. You might also get in touch with libraries, hospitals, places of worship, and community centres in your neighborhood for other senior services.

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