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Toronto Senior Movers and Downsizers

Making a move is a difficult process for anyone, let alone a senior citizen who has to downsize to a smaller home due to health concerns. Oftentimes, seniors do not have family around who can help with the move, putting all of the burden on themselves. Utilizing the help of a senior mover can ease some of that burden and make the process of moving less difficult.

What Separates Senior Services From Common Moving Services?

The senior services offered by a moving company include more of a variety of duties. Movers in this situation may assist with unpacking, organizing, arranging things in your new place, and even donating your items. It is far more beneficial for senior citizens who struggle to get all of the work done on their own. Common moving services focus on the move, and typically only pack and transport items.

When Is the Time to Contact a Senior Move Expert?

Waiting for a sudden illness to strike or an injury to occur before you move could mean you are stuck leaving things behind that you never had the time to go through. It is important to contact a senior move expert early, before anything has the chance to happen. This ensures you have the time to go through your belongings carefully and choose for yourself which ones you want to get rid of before the move. This can include taking the time to photograph all of your keepsake items that you want to remember, and having their pictures in an album. This will save you a great deal of space and allow you to sell more belongings to earn yourself spending money.

Where to Find a Toronto-Area Senior Move Manager?

You can ask for recommendations from family members and friends who have already gone through the experience of moving. This is especially true for senior acquaintances who reside in a nursing home. Chances are, they will have utilized the services of a move manager and can provide the name of an affordable or worthy option.

The National Association of Senior Move Managers offers an assortment of information on related professions in the Toronto area. Six different people are listed in their database. You can use their provided telephone numbers and website information to contact them. Many offer a free consultation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Senior Mover?

The average price for a senior move manager is $52 per hour. This cost is based on the amount of services a manager helps you with. Not only does the manager help you find an experienced and reliable mover, they also assist with additional services, such as filling out forms, shopping for new furniture, and scheduling utility transfers. The end cost will be based on the amount of hours the person is there for, as well as any package prices you agreed to pay. No two moves will have the same exact pricing once all is said and done, but each one is well worth it to have someone there to help.

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