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Toronto Neighborhood Guide

Oh, Canada. Home of maple syrup, poutine, and Celine Dion, the country appeals to many people as a beautiful place to live and age. In fact, the Canadian city of Toronto was named by Moneysense as one of Canada’s best places to retire in 2016. With access to health care, lots of amenities, and favorable weather for the region, the city is a popular place to look to settle down in retirement. It offers a bustling and urban downtown scene, with maintenance-free loft and condo living options, as well as quaint housing with suburban charm surrounding the downtown area. No matter what you’re looking for in retirement, Toronto has a neighborhood that matches your vision.

A little bit of everything Toronto has to offer

The Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood, named for the intersection of the two streets near the geographical city center, combines the commercial with the residential offering residents a mix of city life and uptown charm. With easy access to both a subway and bus terminal, plentiful shopping, eateries, and nightlife as well as access to nature through the many parks in the area offers a little something appealing for everyone. The residential options are as diverse as the businesses in the neighborhood, including everything from high-rise luxury condos and townhomes to classic two-story single-family brick homes.

The quiet of the Toronto suburbs

Toronto Life Magazine ranked Toronto’s 140 different neighborhoods based on 10 different categories to determine which are the best in the area. Forrest Hill was among the top 20, rated well for its housing and low crime rates, as well as access to exceptional health care.

The Casa Loma area is another Toronto staple. Located in midtown, the neighborhood is named after the gothic revival style home in the center, a popular tourist destination because it’s essentially a beautiful castle and gardens. The surrounding homes are equally as charming, if not as opulent, and the surrounding community is known for being a safe and unique place to live in the city.

Which neighborhood is perfect for you?

With over 140 different areas to choose from to live in Toronto, each with their own character and unique charm, it’s completely possible that we didn’t mention your dream retirement scenario yet. Luckily, the Toronto Life Magazine neighborhood ranking list is customizable so that you can change the criteria they measured by to match what is most important to you.

The 10 categories they considered were housing, entertainment, crime, community, transit, diversity, shopping, schools, health, and employment. You can use their sliding scale to make certain attributes more or less important to narrow down your choices. For example, when you adjust housing, crime rates, shopping, and health to be very important, but say that schools and employment aren’t high on your neighborhood radar, you’re matched with a completely different list than the original top prospects, including Casa Loma and Playter Estates-Danforth amongst those at the top.

Toronto is a city with many charms, and no matter what you’re looking for in retirement, there’s a neighborhood that matches your dream scenario.

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