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Toronto Hospitals

Regular visits to your doctor for checkups are an important part of preventative health care, particularly as you age. Seniors that are 65 years of age or older that are being treated for chronic health conditions can benefit from the services of a geriatric professional.

The Toronto region of Canada is home to many geriatric professionals as well as several hospitals and medical centers that offer health care programs for older adults. Here’s an overview of specialty services and resources for seniors in Toronto.

Toronto Hospitals that Provide Specialized Senior Health Care Services

The CBC Rate My Hospital report reviews and ranks close to 240 acute-care medical facilities within Canada and grades each hospital based on a variety of factors. Elements that determine overall ratings include quality of care, patient safety, and an overall positive hospital visiting experience. The report offers a search tool based on the selection of a province, by hospital name, or by grade.

North York General Hospital (NYGH), which is affiliated with the University of Toronto, manages a Medicine and Elder Care division to benefit area seniors with a variety of specialized services designed for older adults. Support programs include geriatric clinics, a diabetes education center, stroke prevention clinic, cardiac rehabilitation clinic, and other inpatient services. NYGH also has a critical care unit and administers the Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) program.

St. Michael’s Hospital has a Geriatrics Services department that offers a wide variety of health care options for Toronto seniors. The Elders’ Clinic provides diagnostic assessment and treatment plans for seniors to manage conditions and achieve overall wellness and good health. The Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit assists seniors that are 70 years of age or older that are suffering from chronic health conditions by helping them regain their independence following treatment.

The Telehealth Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital uses videoconferencing telemedicine technology to provide patients with virtual diagnostic health care services. Telemedicine can be a good option for seniors with limited access to transportation services. Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) at St. Michael’s provides assessment and referral to appropriate treatment programs and services within the community.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, which is affiliated with the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto (RGP), helps to keep seniors healthy with their Specialized Geriatric Services division. The W. P. Scott Geriatric Day Hospital provides outpatient programs within the H-Wing area of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. The Falls Prevention Program is designed for seniors that are 65 years of age or older and includes a home safety and exercise plan to help enhance strength and mobility.

The Geriatric Outreach Team at Sunnybrook Health Science Center helps area seniors that may be homebound by providing assessment and treatment plan options. Services are designed to help older adults regain their independence while enhancing overall health and wellness. The Internal Interprofessional Consult Team at Sunnybrook provides seniors with health care assessment and then provides treatment recommendations and referrals to meet the needs of patients.

Helpful Resources to Locate Geriatric Professionals in Toronto

A top resource for seniors that live in the Toronto area of Canada is the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto (RGP). There is a variety of helpful information and resources available on the RGP website to help older adults learn more about programs in their area. RGP maintains a listing of Specialized Geriatric Services available within the Toronto area that includes contact information for inpatient services, ambulatory services, geriatric emergency management, and geriatric mental health services.

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