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Toronto Funeral Homes

A good funeral service provider will assist you through tough times by laying your loved one to rest and honoring their life. Yet, it is important to remember that these organizations are for-profit. Though it may seem easy to let them make all the decisions, you should still know how to pick a funeral home, how to stay within a budget, what services they supply, and what your rights are as a customer.

Funeral Home Consumer Rights

Funeral service providers must give you their prices in print or by phone according to provincial and federal laws. You also have the right to refuse any of the funeral home’s package deals. You can pick the services you want under the rules from the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Consumer Measures Committee (CMC). And, before any discussion of funeral arrangements, Ontario law requires funeral service providers to give consumers a full list of their services. Also, under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act of 2002, you have the right to:

Get a price list of all the services and supplies the funeral home provides before a contract is made.

Know if a funeral home will benefit (such as a commission) from recommending a specific service or supply to you.

Change your mind within 30 days of signing a contract and still get a full refund.

Turn down embalming. Before embalming, funeral service providers must get your written or spoken permission under Ontario law.

Many Toronto-area funeral homes do not list their prices online. However, there are a few. Ogden Funeral Homes publishes their price list, and they appear to keep it updated. The Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries and Funeral Centres has several facilities throughout the Greater Ontario Area, and they list their pricing in great detail.

Picking the Right Funeral Service Provider

You will save yourself a lot of stress if you search around for a funeral home before you are in need of one. Seek out recommendations from co-workers, friends, and family members. See what previous clients have to say on online review sites. Check for accreditation by the Better Business Bureau of Central Ontario. Also, verify their license on the Bereavement Authority of Ontario website.

Compare the prices of the most promising providers. You can visit each home for a list of prices for outer burial containers and caskets along with a general price list, or you can get this information on the phone. As you contact each home, pay special attention to how well they serve you.

How to Stick to Your Budget

There is often times a big difference between how much we want to spend to honor a loved one and how much we can afford to spend. The temptation is to spend as much as possible. Yet, you do not want your memory of this person to be shrouded with debt. Figure out exactly what you want before contacting a funeral home to avoid spending too much. Also, Service Canada can help you keep your costs low when your top priority is an affordable funeral or cremation.

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