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Toronto End-Of-Life Care

When a loved one is suffering from a life-threatening disease that has advanced to the point that treatment might not be an option, the best thing to do is sign up your loved one for hospice care. Hospice care involves caring for a patient physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the type of care that will help a patient and his or her loved ones to focus on living as opposed to dying.

The caregivers try their best to eliminate all physical pain that a patient is experiencing; they take the patient and the family through counseling in preparation for what lies ahead, and the patient goes through spiritual guidance.

Patients can choose whether they want to receive care from a hospital, a nursing home, or even from home, depending on where the patient will feel most comfortable. The National Association for Home Care & Hospice agrees with studies that show that a patient undergoing hospice care is less depressed, and he or she leads a much better quality life during this period in comparison to a patient not on hospice care.

What Hospice Service Ought To Live Up To

Undoubtedly, hospice care must provide the patient and his or her family members with the best care possible, to ensure that a patient enjoys his or her last months. However, the hospice care providers must fulfill other conditions including:

Having a hospice program licensing by the State, together with all the caregivers involved

Having accreditation from a recognized accrediting body

The program must be Medicare and Medicaid certified, having met the federal requirements for management and patient care

The caregivers must have the relevant qualifications to provide the care they give

The hospice care must have an excellent reputation among all who come across it

The online reviews of the hospice care must be overwhelmingly positive

What Is The Cost Of Hospice Care And How Does Someone Pay?

Hospice care in Toronto will vary depending on the care a patient will require and the place a patient will receive care from, at home or from a hospital or nursing home. If you or your loved one chooses to receive hospice care at home, the cost will be much lower when you compare it to receiving the care in a hospital or a nursing home. From home, a patient only pays for the particular care and not for in-patient costs. The cost of a residential hospice bed in Toronto is about $439 per day. Canadians in Toronto can pay for their hospice care using their Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), a cover that Canadians can use anywhere in the country including where there are Community Care Access Centers.

Who Provides Hospice Care In Toronto?

Many agencies in Toronto offer hospice care to patients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening conditions. People here apply for Hospice care through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) or by contacting a hospice program directly. Some of the leading hospice care providers in Toronto include Alliance Hospice, Casey House, and Hospice Toronto.

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