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Toronto Demographics and Lifestyle

With its prime location on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto has much to offer seniors in search of a place to retire and call home. Arts and entertainment as well as outdoor recreation, fine shops, and restaurants are among the many offerings available to local natives. Here’s an overview of Toronto that highlights the diverse culture of the city, its climate, and opportunities to explore the downtown region.

Getting to Know the People of Toronto

Toronto is home to about 2,615,060 residents, based on recent census data collected by the city government. The ratio of Toronto natives is 52% for women and 48% for men. More than 500,000 residents that are 60 years of age or older live in Toronto. The cultural diversity of Toronto features residents with different ethnic backgrounds including South Asian, Chinese, African-American, Filipino, Latin American, West Asian, Korean, Arab, and Japanese.

Toronto’s location on shore Lake Ontario benefits its economy in multiple ways due to easy accessibility for the transportation of locally produced manufactured goods and agricultural products. The city is home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Ontario Museum. The Toronto community has several ethnic organizations that sponsor local events such as festivals and social activities.

Toronto Climate and Recreation

Toronto’s weather system is modified by its location on Lake Ontario. The semi-continental climate produces humid summers and cold winters. The coldest months of the year during January and February can see temperatures drop to under 0 degrees. The summer season can get quite hot with temperatures ranging well above 90 degrees.

Toronto manages about 20,000 acres of land through its Parks and Recreation Department. The city has plans in force to develop the city’s waterfront region. In joint efforts with the municipal agency of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the city has plans to protect outlying recreational park areas as well as bordering woodlands and nearby waterways.

Although Toronto does not have a history of extensive natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and floods, the city does protect its residents through the Office of Emergency Management.

The website provides a wide variety of resources and tools to help inform Toronto residents such as preparedness guides, an extreme weather web portal, and tips for dealing with the hot temperatures and humidity of summer.

Exploring Toronto and the Surrounding Region

The Toronto region is surrounded by numerous lakes, farmland, and forests that provide area residents with access to a wide variety of recreational activities. Natives can enjoy boating, camping, hunting, and fishing within a short distance of the city during the summer. When the colder winter months arrive, skiing is a popular sport among the residents.

Toronto residents can explore and enjoy downtown theaters, shops, and restaurants. Outdoor festivals and events are in abundance and the Fantasy Fair indoor amusement park provides hours of fun for the whole family. Toronto city tours will let you explore the region, or you can take a day trip to see Niagara Falls. Sporting events include baseball and hockey games, or you can enjoy a local concert.

Toronto is home to several amusement parks including Canada’s Wonderland. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Ontario by visiting one of the local waterfront parks, some of which have swimming beaches. There are numerous parks and trails within Toronto along with gardens, art galleries, and museums. The vibrant city of Toronto has much to offer and is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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