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Toronto Concierge Services

The traditional meaning of the word concierge refers to an in-house caretaker of an apartment complex or small hotel. Hotels have expanded on the meaning by creating an employee position for a person that assists guest by arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations, giving directions, arranging transportation, and generally serving the needs and desires of the hotel guests. Today’s meaning of the word encompasses more than all of that. Concierge services are now being used by business people, busy adults from all walks of life, and seniors who need a little help getting things done.

Senior for Seniors offers driver companions that will cheerfully drive seniors to and from medical appointments, shopping centers, grocery stores, the bank, religious services, social events, and visiting with family or friends. Driver companions use their own personal automobiles and will assist seniors with cognitive impairments, walkers, and collapsible wheelchairs. In addition to providing drive companions, Senior for Seniors offers personal companions, homemaking companions, live-in companions, house cleaners, and drop-in companions.

Mississauga Halton offers many types of concierge and delivery services. Seniors and their caregivers can get assistance with homemaking, personal care, grocery delivery, Meals on Wheels, companionship, and more.

Real Food Toronto is a grocery store that lets seniors order their entire grocery order online. Seniors can shop for meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cheese, deli items, bakery good, frozen foods, pantry items, supplements, pre-packaged foods and even wine and spirits. Seniors can place their orders online, in the comfort of their homes. Grocers pick the best and freshest food items, and a delivery person delivers items to the senior’s door.

Urbery is a combination grocery and liquor store. The name was formed from a combination of the words “urban” and “grocery.” Seniors can set up a free online account. Then they can browse for all of the food items that they want and add them to their online shopping cart. Shoppers can even special request items that are not listed online. The store will secure those items for a slightly higher fee. Once the order is placed, shoppers can set a one-hour window for the groceries to be delivered.

K9 Toronto makes house calls so that seniors can take care of their pets without leaving their homes. Mobile pet services make the dogs feel more comfortable and less stressed. They are less likely to become aggressive when being groomed in the familiar surroundings of their homes. It also makes it easier for the dog groomer and pet owner to maintain a regular schedule of grooming. The service does dog and cat bathing, dog grooming, pet sitting, nail clipping, and de-shedding. Groomers will also take pets to an unleashed dog park for exercise. The service is available Monday through Friday.

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