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Social Security for Toronto Seniors

If a senior decides to move to Canada for retirement, which is much more common than you may think, they can still receive their Social Security Benefits. Knowing who to call and how to access these benefits is essential. However, the country also offers Old Age Security, which is similar in many ways to the U.S. Social Security plan.

In order to be eligible for these benefits, a senior has to have lived and worked in a country that has an existing agreement with the Canadian government and the United States is one of these countries. You must also have paid into Social Security at some point in time.

Local Social Security Offices in Toronto

There are no actual Social Security Offices in the area of Toronto for residents. However, there is a list of offices that service residents in this area. These include the following:

Location at 6540 Niagara Falls Boulevard in New York; 1-877-480-4992. Location at 101 Ford Street in Ogdensburg in New York; 1-315-393-0396. The McNamara Building room 1550, 477 Michigan Avenue in Detroit, MI; 1-888-748-7691.

Each of these locations can help the residents of Toronto get replacement Social Security cards, apply for benefits, ask questions, and file appeals in situations where benefits are denied. They are also not located too far from Toronto, which makes them convenient to use if actual physical services are necessary.

Help for Seniors who Need Social Security Benefits

When you reach a certain age and are considered a senior citizen, you will be eligible for certain benefits in Toronto. Some of these are found here.

One benefit is OAS or the Old Age Security pension. This is paid to any individual in Canada who reaches the age of 65. In the US the individual begins to receive their full benefits when they reach the full benefit age, which is 70, but can begin to receive benefits at the age of 62.

In some cases, seniors may receive benefits from both programs, but this is something that should be discussed at the local Social Security Office.

Some of the other resources available for seniors seeking Social Security include: Income assistance Retirement planning services CLEO Seniors Veteran’s benefits

Accessing Online Tools from the SSA

Just like residents of the United States, there are a number of online resources that can be used by seniors who are living in Toronto. One of the most beneficial is the My Social Security account. This account provides access to a number of things, which include:

Request a replacement Social Security card Apply for benefits Check on the status of an application Appeal decisions regarding benefits Determine how much a person may be eligible for down the road

Utilizing online services and tools for Social Security can be quite beneficial for those who have mobility issues or transportation issues. Take some time to get to know the others that are available to utilize the full potential of Social Security benefits.

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