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Medicaid in Toronto

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) is available to Toronto residents to cover the cost of health care services. If you are a Canadian resident, you can rest easy knowing your health care responsibility will be a co-payment for necessary medical treatment. This co-payment includes senior care in long-term care facilities.

Eligibility for OHIP

Full-time Toronto residents are eligible for OHIP. If you are new to the city, OHIP coverage will begin three months after you establish residency, according to for Ontario. Other requirements include all of the following: You must be present in the Ontario province 153 days in a 12 month period. You must remain in Ontario for 153 out of 183 days after initially moving to the province. Ontario must be your primary residence.

OHIP is overseen and paid by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. If you are visiting another province and need medical care, the province will bill Ontario’s Ministry for your care as long as you carry your OHIP card.

Applying for OHIP in Toronto

Applying for OHIP must be done in person at a center near you. The following service centers can help you apply for coverage: Counter at Downtown, Unit 150, 33 Victoria Street Counter at College Park, Lower Level, 777 Bay Street (health card services by appointment) Counter at College, 534 College Street Counter at Toronto-Davenport, 839 Yonge Street, lower level of Canadian Tire Counter at Lakeshore East, 1025 Lake Shore Boulevard East Counter at Leaside 102, 939 Eglinton Avenue East

You can also find more centers in Toronto online. Most of the centers offer French language services and a few are barrier free and offer public computers. When you apply, you will need to provide original documentation proving your identity, residence in Ontario, and an OHIP-approved citizenship or immigration status document.

You may need to renew your OHIP card at a center, however, if you are age 80 or older and have no changes to report (like name or address changes), you can renew by mail.

Services OHIP Covers

OHIP covers health care services like doctor visits, therapies, hospital stays, long-term care facility stays, assistive devices, cancer screening programs, emergency care, flu shots, hepatitis treatment, HIV/AIDS medication regimens, temporary respite care, and in-home care, among other medically needed services. Some of these services may require a special authorization before approval.

You will be required to pay a co-payment or accommodation charge for certain services. In the case of long-term care facilities, if you cannot pay the accommodation charge, you can request a government subsidy to pay your portion. The staff at the care facility should have the appropriate form and help you complete it.

A co-payment is required for ambulance transport. However, if you fall into one of these special exemption cases, you will not owe a fee: If you are covered under the Ontario Disability Support Program or the Family Benefits Act If you receive general welfare assistance If you are receiving approved home care services If you live in an approved long-term care facility or a home for special care

Non-ambulance transportation providers may charge above the normal ambulance fee. Check with the provider before making arrangements for non-ambulance transport.

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