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How to Get Around Toronto Without Driving

Toronto is a large city with a lot going on and it can be difficult to get where you need to go if you can’t drive or don’t have a car. Luckily, Toronto has some excellent travel options like public transportation and even ride-share services to help you get to your destination. No matter what your situation or budget is there is an option for you.

Toronto Transit Commission

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is in charge of the subway, buses, and paratransit services in Toronto. TTC has a number of accessibility features at all of their stations, transit centers, and buses that can help seniors get around safely. They also have the Wheel-Trans, which is a door-to-door paratransit service for those seniors that have disabilities and cannot ride the regular bus. Seniors that are 65 and older can also pay a discounted fare as long as you have a valid TTC ID or government ID.

Toronto Taxis

You can also choose to get around Toronto with a taxi and there are a few options like City Taxi, Co-Op Cabs, and Beck Taxi available. Taxis are good if you need to go somewhere that isn’t on the bus route and you don’t qualify for paratransit services. The price of a taxi can be a little higher than public transportation. However, if you call ahead to schedule a ride, you can ask if they offer senior discounts.

Ride-Share Services

Uber is a ride-sharing service that has expanded into Toronto and offers the same convenience of door-to-door service that a taxi does but often at a lower rate and with easier access to drivers. All you have to do to find a ride is go on their app or online and arrange a pick-up. Even if you don’t have a smartphone or computer, a family member can help you out even if they aren’t there with you. You do need to be aware that when rides are in high demand “surge charging” will go into effect and rates will go higher so try not to travel at peak times.

Caregiver Transportation Options

If you have decided to get an in-home caregiver, you might want to see if you can find a provider that offers transportation services. Some providers will only handle emergency driving situations while others will take you to appointments or run other errands. This is a good option if you would prefer to not ride with a stranger. Be sure to check with each caregiver to see what they can offer you in terms of transportation.

More Senior Transportation Options

Toronto Ride is a service that combines 14 different nonprofit companies to help seniors that are 55 and older get rides wherever they need to go. The service runs Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and operates on a first come first serve basis when it comes to requests. If one of the agencies isn’t able to answer a request, they can send it out to any one of the other agencies to help the senior find a ride in a timely manner.

Senior Toronto has compiled a list of all senior transportation services in the Toronto area and can help you find a ride when you need it. Some do have a charge while others are free, so make sure you’re aware of the pricing before you use a service.

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