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How Much Do Toronto Nursing Homes Cost?

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and its aging population is cause for the recent boom in nursing home residents and facilities. You can find facilities as diverse as the population with a wide cost of care range depending on the province.

Facts About Canadian Long-Term Care Facilities

Nursing homes in Canada are also referred to as long-term care facilities or personal care homes.

The average resident is age 85 or older with several chronic conditions.

There are more than 200,000 residents in Canadian nursing homes as of 2011.

Nursing homes in Ontario use a Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS) to ensure residents are receiving necessary care.

The majority of residents are women.

There are about 630 nursing homes in Ontario.

57 percent of Ontario’s nursing homes are privately owned and 24 percent are non-profit. The remaining 17 percent are municipal.

Median Nursing Home Rates in Toronto

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in each province regulates and sets the monthly rates, which are subject to change. As of 2015, Ontario’s Long-Stay Program reported a co-payment daily amount of $58.35 for basic or standard accommodation. Preferred accommodation is a $70.35 co-payment per day for a semi-private room. A private room under a preferred accommodation is a co-payment of $83.35.

The Short-Stay Program (respite care) was considerably less at a $37.77 co-payment daily amount. Services like hairdressing, telephone, transportation, and cable can be purchased separately.

Treatment You Can Expect from a Nursing Home in Ontario

According to the law, nursing homes must provide you with a safe environment and high-quality around-the-clock care. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is also in charge of inspecting facilities to ensure they are up to the code found in the 2007 Long-Term Care Homes Act and the Ontario Regulation 79/10.

Toronto’s long-term care facilities give you the sense of home and community with shared dining rooms, common rooms, and TV rooms. Nurses and other staff are available 24 hours per day and you have access to health professionals. Your meals are provided even if you eat a specialized diet.

You will find your room with comfortable furniture, complete with housekeeping and laundry services. Medical, clinical, and personal hygiene supplies are also included.

Upon entering the nursing home, you will have access to medical services like rehabilitation, occupational, physical, and speech therapy, and Alzheimer’s care. An individual care plan will be created and reviewed every three months to assess your progress.

Paying for Long-Term Facility Costs in Toronto

Nursing care for long-term facilities is paid for by the government. However, you are responsible for the co-payment, known as an accommodation charge, for room and board plus any additional services.

The government offers a subsidy to those residents unable to pay the co-payment for a basic room. This subsidy is considered a rate reduction and you can turn the application form into your long-term care facility. Staff members can also assist you in completing the form. If approved, the co-payment for a basic room will be covered. Semi-private and private rooms are not covered with a government subsidy.

Your spouse can rest easy knowing they will not be forced out of their home to pay for nursing care. A “special circumstances” application can be completed and if approved, may lower your accommodation charge.

If you want to apply for nursing home care in Toronto, contact your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). The representatives at CCAC will help determine your eligibility for the program and share a list of nursing homes in the city with you. They will answer your questions about long-term costs, additional fees, and help you apply.

Some of the Toronto nursing homes include:

Vermont Square Long-Term Care Home

Altamont Nursing Home

Garden Court Nursing Homes

Labdara Lithuanian Nursing

O’Neill Centre

Tender Care Living Center

White Eagle Nursing Home

Yee Hong Center – Geriatric Care

Once you have a list of possible nursing homes, it is advisable to make an appointment and tour the facilities. Bring a loved one with you to get their opinion and make it a point to talk to residents to make sure their needs are being met. Read the ministry’s updated detailed report about each facility before your tour. Visit several homes as you can choose up to five homes on your application. You can research and compare nursing homes in the Toronto area using an online directory.

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