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Caregiving in Toronto, ON

Are you having trouble coping with the stress of elder care? Many families in Toronto care for a friend, relative or neighbor who can no longer look after themselves. When you feel like you need a hand, there are local services and support groups that can offer you advice, guidance, and even respite from caregiving responsibilities.

Taking a break from caregiving

All of us need a vacation from our job every now and then, and caregiving is no different. When you are taking care of an elderly relative, regular breaks can help to ease the stress placed on your body and psyche. Full-time Toronto caregivers that look after a relative are able to turn to a variety of local respite services for assistance.

Concierge services deliver anything that you need straight to your doorstep, from dry cleaning to groceries. If you are caring for a loved one and can’t leave the house, you can hire a concierge service to run your errands for you.

Toronto residents can choose from several different concierge services that deliver to families throughout the city. Favor Delivery is a popular option amongst caregivers, boasting speedy delivery times and a low standard fee of just $6 + 5% of the item cost and a tip. Amazon Prime also offers same-day delivery to Toronto residents and charges a flat fee of $6.99 per order. For a tailored concierge experience, you can contact Butler Girl Lifestyle Solutions, one of Toronto’s top delivery and home care services. Butler Girl’s hourly rates vary depending on the services provided.

Adult day programs watch after your loved one during the weekday, freeing you up to care for a child, work a job, or simply enjoy some time to yourself. Day programs offer comprehensive care for seniors, including exercise classes, health services and social activities. Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks are also provided throughout the day. Enrolling a senior relative in a day program will not only benefit you and your family, but can also help to keep your loved one mentally and physically active.

In-home respite care provides care in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Depending on your needs, you can hire help with anything from housekeeping to medical assistance. You can also hire a caregiver to watch after a housebound relative while you step out to do the shopping, pick up the kids, or take a well-deserved break.

Residential respite care provides full-time care for seniors who require supervision. Assisted living facilities look after seniors that are able to function somewhat independently, while nursing homes provide a higher level of skilled care for patients with health issues. If you need to take a couple of days off for whatever reason, many residential care facilities have rooms available for short-term visits.

Finding a support group

It’s not always easy being a caregiver, but it can help to talk with others who are in the same boat as you. Support groups provide a welcoming environment where both new and experienced caregivers can talk, socialize, and exchange advice. Toronto is home to several groups that help thousands of local families learn how to care for a senior relative.

The Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto offers support groups geared toward families caring for loved ones with dementia. Meetings are overseen by a registered social worker that is able to provide expert guidance for group members. Local support groups are completely free to join and open to the public.

The Seniors and Caregiver Support Service Unit is operated by Family Service Toronto and offers support for all senior caregivers. The organization provides information and education for families with an aging loved one. Toronto residents can also call or visit the local Family Services office to speak with a trained counselor in either English or Spanish.

Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association provides training and education programs for volunteer caregivers and the seniors that they look after. Community members can also contact the organization to find supportive counseling services.

CANES Community Care serves residents living in the Etobicoke, Malton and Brampton regions. Families caring for a senior relative can join a free monthly caregiver support group or seek counselling in a more intimate one-on-one setting.

Finding care outside the family

There are a number of reasons that a friend or family member may no longer be able to care for an elderly loved one. Starting a new job, moving to a new city, or having a baby can all get in the way of your ability to provide quality care. Luckily, live-in care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes all offer long-term care for elderly and disabled individuals. Talk to your loved one’s doctor or connect with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for expert guidance and care recommendations.

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