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Top Toledo Senior Discounts

Toledo residents are proud of their city and proud of how they respect the senior community.  Here are 10 Toledo attractions where seniors can enjoy a generous discount (or free admission) in deference to their age and experience.

Keep reading to see some great places to go and things to do for Toledo seniors.

1. National Museum of the United States Air Force

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a complex of huge, interconnected hangars on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, exhibiting over 100 years of aircraft. American tax dollars paid for all of the planes, bombs, and rockets on display, so it’s free (we already paid for it).

2. Toy and Plastic Brick Museum

The world's largest collection of LEGO opened in 2007. Disagreements with the corporation led to the owner dropping the LEGO name from the attraction, but LEGO is what it's all about. The museum occupies all three floors of the former Gravel Hill Middle School and offers senior discounts every day.

3. Andy D-Day and the 2-Headed Calf

The Spitler House is a local landmark that also harbors a dark secret, or at least, an embarrassing one. It’s the home of Andy D-Day, a once-famous freak bull. Andy is here, what's left of him, along with another legendary Brookville freak, the Two-Headed Calf. Admission is free.

4. American Sign Museum

Home to that most American of art forms – the roadside sign. Seniors can enjoy a discounted admission and marvel at the huge selection of lighted and fanciful roadside advertisements that used to make highway driving an engaging activity.

5. Christmas Story House

Make your pilgrimage to the home where this cult, holiday classic was filmed. Senior discounts every day, and the most amazing photo opportunities for fans of the film.

6. Warther Carvings Museum and Button Collection

A collection of carvings and other artwork by a man with an obsession for creating incredible art objects – very popular with the retirement crowd because of the classic American themes displayed in the museum.

7. Chateau Laroche, Loveland Castle

It’s a castle located in Ohio that anyone can visit. The gentleman who created it was in love with the architecture of Medieval England and sought to recreate it right here where locals won’t have to go overseas to see the originals. Senior discounts are every day of the week.

8. Biblewalk and Living Bible Museum

A religious wax museum in Ohio that will thrill the devout with displays of famous events in the Bible skillfully wrought in wax. Spend the day and marvel at the incredible wax figures. Senior discounts always offered.

9. Elektro, Robot of Mansfield

Elektro the Robot was the android star of the "World of Tomorrow"-themed 1939 New York World's Fair. 7-feet tall, metal, and filled with devices, he could walk, smoke a cigarette, and joke with amazed audiences. He lives in an Ohio museum now where you can see him most days.

10. Big Muskie's Bucket

"Big Muskie" was the world's biggest earth mover. What remains now is a giant metal bucket resembling a robot dog head. It sits on a rise, overlooking the beautiful valley that it once mined, which has been renamed "Re-Creation Land."

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