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Toledo Veterans Benefits

Veterans returning home should be welcomed with open arms, and Toledo knows how to do that with plenty of services and programs. Many veterans aren’t sure what to do when they return to civilian life, and supportive services can help. Toledo has health care programs that can help with things like geriatric care as well as mental health issues and substance abuse programs. Veterans can also find additional assistance with housing, jobs, training, and their finances.

Toledo Veteran Health Care

Health care is crucial for many veterans, not just the ones who suffered injuries while active. Unfortunately, some veterans don’t realize they are eligible for health care benefits through the VA. According to the VA, any veteran who has a discharge other than dishonorable or is still active has rights to health care. Even those who served in the National Guard or the Reserves during a federally ordered service period can get health care benefits. Note that there is a priority list for health care benefit applications.

The VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System includes Toledo and can provide valuable health care for senior veterans. Their services include in-home care, mental wellness checks, hospice care, adult day care, and supportive services for veteran caretakers. There is a Toledo Community Outpatient Clinic that takes care of things like mental health, primary care, physical therapy, and much more.

The Ann Arbor VA also participates in the Medical Foster Home Program. Through this program, veterans that need long-term care but want an alternative to a nursing home can get care from vetted caretakers. The seniors will live with the caregivers and receive meals, transportation, and help with any daily tasks or personal care needs.

Toledo Veteran Housing

There are a few resource guides that Toledo veterans can use to find things like housing. The Treasurer of Ohio put together a resource list online of all housing programs in the state. These programs include:

Save The Dream Ohio, a group that helps veterans struggling to make their mortgage payments on time.

The Ohio Heroes Program, which helps veterans purchase their first home.

Making Home Affordable is a program that helps struggling veterans and their families manage their mortgage payments.

Veterans can also take advantage of the Federal Home Loan Program that guarantees eligible veterans a loan to purchase, repair, or refinance a house.

Veterans that are homeless or could face losing their home have options as well. Volunteers of America of Ohio has programs that can help get veterans off the street and into jobs, training, and eventually their own home. The Attorney General of Ohio also has a veterans resource guide that includes numbers and contact information for The National Call Center For Homeless Veterans. These professionals can help anyone find services in their area.

More Veteran Resources in Toledo

For veterans that want to further their education, the University of Toledo has a military service center. This center can help veterans initiate their GI bill, perform career assessments, register for financial aid, and connect veterans with the resources they need.

Ohio Means Jobs helps any Ohio citizen find work, but they also have designated veterans’ services. Through this service, veterans can get job or career training, resume assistance, further their education, and even provide transitional training for those just coming back from active duty. They also have local job listings to look through.

There is more information about Aids & Assistance and how they could pay for assisted living at

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