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Toledo Senior Centers

Many seniors struggle to find activities to occupy their time. This struggle is part of the reason why senior centers got created. Retired adults can now join in on the fun at one of their local centers and spend the day socializing with others and completing activities they enjoy. When you want to play a game, continue learning, stay active, perform, make friends, or travel, visit a center in Toledo and find the option you’re looking for at the time.

When You Want to Play Games

The Mayores Senior Center provides games to play so older adults looking to make friends while they play some cards can do so. The facility also holds Bingo regularly so people can come in and try to win prizes. Check the center out at 2 Aurora Gonzales Drive if you want to see the options for yourself and try out an activity or two. Cards, pool, and more fill the game room.

When You Want to Continue Learning

Educational workshops provide seniors with valuable information. Some may focus on senior health in general, while others teach life skills. If you want to keep learning, look at the class options at the Mayores Senior Center and see if something catches your eye. There are plenty to choose from that should give you something to explore.

When You Want to Stay Active

The Ohio Department of Health offers Healthy Lifestyle Programs. Through these, you can manage your health conditions and live a more active lifestyle. You get encouraged to exercise and remain fit, as well as eating healthily. You attend a series of workshops no matter which program you focus on at the time. The workshops help you learn to develop a plan of action in case of an emergency. Chronic pain, diabetes, and chronic disease are just a few of the class choices.

When You Want to Perform

Ballet Theatre of Toledo offer classes to those who want to take up the pastime. There are summer, pre-fall, fall, and spring semesters. You should choose which one best suits your needs and join the course at that time. You work with the director at a state-of-the-art dance studio. If you prefer to act or try out another activity, you can look into other local options nearby or see if your senior center has a class or two available.

When You Want to Make Friends

Friends are not always easy to come by, which is why many seniors look to larger groups to help find some options. Toledo offers dozens of meetup groups through the Meetup website that allows you to partake in activities with people who have the same hobbies. A women’s travel circle, singles meetup group, foodies group, readers club, and more exist in the city.

When You Want to Travel

AAA Ohio Travel offers escorted trips. You have a guide to lead you through the area, as well as fellow travelers to keep you company. Look into the option in your area and see if you can join in on the next adventure.

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