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Toledo Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Caregivers in Toledo cannot always be around to handle all of their loved one’s needs. They may need to step away for a day to recoup and recover from the many stresses that caregiving can bring. This stressful time is when respite care services come in handy. Adult day care allows caregivers to offer a safe place for the family member they care for while they are away doing their own thing. Several locations in Toledo are available for this purpose.

What are Respite Care and Adult Day Care Programs Like?

Respite care is a temporary solution for seniors who do not have a caregiver to care for them for the day. These programs offer all the care a senior could need during their stay. This care includes meals, medication assistance, physical therapy, and more.

Adult day care is essentially the same thing. It provides an opportunity for seniors to have a safe place to go for the day while their caregivers are away. Both solutions offer many activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

The activities range significantly and are available in shifts throughout the day. While one location may offer arts and crafts in the morning, another may choose to have physical exercise instead. Both options will be available at some point in the day at a common facility. There is also time for meals, outdoor activities, and necessary social interaction through talking or even debate events or games.

The meals provided are always nutritious. No unhealthy foods get offered at respite care facilities. They want to be sure all seniors are receiving at least one adequate meal while they are in attendance. Most even offer both breakfast and lunch, in addition to a snack time. Refreshments like coffee, juice, and water typically get provided as well.

Who is Responsible for Providing Adult Day Care in Toledo?

Several locations offer adult day care in Toledo. Senior Independence Adult Day is one primary option. This assisted living facility also provides respite services for seniors that need assistance on a day-to-day basis. Caregivers can pay a daily fee and drop off their loved one for a one-day visit. During their stay, seniors will get to participate in activities, have meals provided, and even receive medical assistance when needed. The support typically includes checking vital signs or administering medication. Loving Arms Adult Daycare is another possibility that offers these same features.

What are the Associated Costs of Toledo Respite Care?

The senior who receives care, or their caregiver, is the primary party responsible for care costs. People that have a hard time coming up with the money for this type of care service can look into local options, as well as federally-funded programs, to help them pay the remainder of the price.

The state of Ohio is at the higher end of the list for adult day health care prices. You can expect to pay upwards of $19,000 per year if you put your loved one in a care program every day during the week. This yearly amount equals around $74 per day on average.

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