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Toledo Rehab Centers

After a hospital stay for a critical illness, wound, surgery, stroke, or heart attack, most people are not ready to return to their independent lives immediately. Rehabilitation care provides a great transition and helps patients regain their strength safely.  Nursing home facilities provide short-term therapies and treatment while giving patients around the clock care.  Here is some insight as you start thinking about rehab services.

What Happens at Rehab?

At rehab, you will regain strength, learn new skills, and improve your mental state before returning home. There are three common names for rehab services: post-acute, short-term, and transitional.  

After your hospital stay, your doctor and the staff at the nursing facility will evaluate you to determine the best plan of action for your rehab.  Under constant supervision, the medical staff will determine what is working well and areas that need improvement.

Each plan is customized.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are all available depending on what you need.  The nursing staff will also see that you are comfortable during your stay.  Your therapy treatments could be daily or multiple times a week depending on the availability and the plan of action.

Where You Should Go to Rehab

Your physician and surgeon will give recommendations on rehabilitation facilities but be sure to also ask around for referrals.  Online reviews are also helpful when determining which place is right for you. has favorable reviews on these three facilities:

Pristine Senior Living of Toledo provides care after a hospital stay and encourages patients to live a wellness-based lifestyle to continue getting better at home.

The Laurels of Toledo offers a variety of rehabilitation programs including orthopedic, cardiac recovery, neuro, respiratory, digestive, infection resolution, wound healing, and post surgery.

Ohio Living Swan Creek’s Rehabilitation Center offers a comfortable, private environment to recover after a hospital stay.  Patients reach their rehab goals with the help of well-qualified therapists.

Other Things to Consider in Your Search

You want to find a rehab facility that will help you recover quickly and also make your return home as safe as possible. Be sure to ask around to get details and referrals based on other’s experiences.  Having an empathetic staff is crucial to your recovery as they will help you feel more comfortable mentally.  Check that the facility has a clean record with state inspections.  Most importantly, verify that Medicare approves this center or that it is Medicaid-certified.

Who Pays for This Care

Medicare Coverage A does cover skilled nursing care with the right conditions:

You need to stay three consecutive days in the hospital (not counting the admission day).

You have days left in your benefit period.

Your condition requires rehab treatment.

Your doctor must prescribe rehab treatment.

For those who don’t qualify for Medicare, there are other options.  Long-term care and Medicaid may cover rehab treatment. Review your treatment plan with your doctor and check your insurance covers all the recommended treatments. Otherwise, you will have to pay for these expenses.

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