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Toledo End-of-Life Care

Hospice care is for patients that are nearing the end of a long illness, and it’s a combination of medical care and emotional support. Hospice services might include specific medical attention, pain management, counseling for family members, and various other supportive services. Patients can stay in their home to get hospice care, or they can get it in a hospital, nursing home, or dementia care facility. Each patient will have a care team that might consist of doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, and therapists. If a patient wishes, a member of the clergy might also be on the team.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of using hospice services and the National Association for Home Care & Hospice highlights how hospice patients often have fewer cases of depression and better quality of life compared to non-hospice patients. Those in hospice might also live longer and experience less pain because they get proper palliative care.

What to Look for In Hospice Care

You should keep a few things in mind as you search for a hospice agency. First, the state of Ohio requires that all agencies have a license through the Ohio Department of Health. While it’s not mandatory, many groups also seek accreditation through the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) which is an independent review board. Some facilities also have Medicaid and Medicare approval for recipients.

After you have found places that are properly licensed, you should look at the agencies with proven records of quality care and compassion towards clients. Your hospice provider should have a full range of services to meet your needs, and they should be able to handle care coordination and ensure you get the care you need when you need it. Your health care provider can provide you with a referral, or you can ask friends and relatives for suggestions. Online rankings and reviews might be useful as well during your search.

What Is the Cost of Hospice Care and How Can I Pay?

Hospice care often costs more money than other long-term care because more services and people provide assistance. Right now, average in-home costs in Toledo are $125 to $127 per day while a facility might cost an average of $127 to $264 per day. Hospice costs will add to those averages and push your total cost higher.

However, there are more programs and financial aids in place to help pay for hospice than other long-term costs. Medicare doesn’t pay for care in nursing homes or assisted living, but they will cover the total cost of most hospice services. Part A policyholders might only have to pay a small copay for things like medications and services. Ohio Medicaid covers hospice care too, and TRICARE takes care of hospice for military members and their dependents. If you have private insurance, chances are you also have hospice coverage, so check your policy.

If none of these payment options work for you, the hospice agency might be willing to work on a sliding scale or come up with a payment plan. Charitable care could also be an option.

Toledo Hospice Care

Many facilities in the area offer hospice care in addition to their regular services. The Laurels of Toledo, Lutheran Home at Toledo, and Heartland of Holly Glen are all nursing homes in town that have hospice services. A few Alzheimer’s care communities like Parkcliffe Community and Henderson House Assisted Living have hospice services as well.

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