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Toledo Alzheimer’s Care

As Alzheimer's symptoms worsen, so do the behavior changes. It is important for anyone with Alzheimer’s to get the proper care so their behaviors can get monitored appropriately. There should always be someone around to assist, even if that just means offering a helping hand on daily tasks. A nursing home in Toledo with a memory care unit is typically the best place for seniors with this disease. You can also hire an at-home caregiver to handle needs.

Facts on Alzheimer’s in Ohio and Toledo

Medicaid spends $2,320 million on Alzheimer’s care each year, with prices growing continuously.

3,798 deaths occurred in Ohio due to Alzheimer’s and dementia in 2013.

There are more than 210,000 people with Alzheimer’s in the state of Ohio.

The majority of individuals with Alzheimer’s are over the age of 85, meaning it is more likely to cause their deaths.

30,000 people under the age of 75 have Alzheimer’s disease.

The Northwest Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves thousands of people in Toledo and surrounding cities.

You can reach the Ohio Alzheimer’s Association at 1-800-272-3900 if you want to discuss support groups or volunteer opportunities.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in Ohio.

What is Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care in Toledo works in a variety of ways, depending on where the care is getting handled. Facilities are very different from adult day care centers, and centers provide different care than a home health aide. No matter which care option gets chosen though, there is always support and encouragement at the core of the program.

Maintaining the individual’s daily routine is the primary goal for any of these choices. They want the patient to be as familiar as possible with their surroundings and keep the things they do on a daily basis the same. Changes can be hard for an Alzheimer’s patient, especially when they are experiencing a setback at the time.

Maintaining the individual’s daily routine is the main goal for any of these choices. They want the patient to be as familiar as possible with their surroundings and keep the things they do on a daily basis the same. Changes can be hard for an Alzheimer’s patient, especially when they are experiencing a setback at the time.

Support for daily tasks also gets provided. This support often includes assistance with meal times, bathing, and even getting dressed. Help with toileting may also prove necessary in many instances. A plan typically gets made for bladder control and bowel incontinence management when these components affect daily living.

Physical activity gets highly encouraged by the nurses. Caregivers work with their patients to ensure they get moving as often as possible. It is important to spend some time each day walking, completing sitting exercises, or even dancing. Staying active and fit also helps keep the mind as sharp as possible for as long as possible.

What Does Alzheimer’s Care Cost in Toledo?

Nursing homes are the most expensive component of Alzheimer’s care costs in Toledo. You can plan on spending at least $89,060 for a private room if you stay all year. You can save on costs by choosing a semi-private room instead. Those rooms cost $83,038 on average. They still provide privacy in a comfortable bedroom, but you share the remainder of the living space with a roommate.

Adult day care is a much less expensive alternative. You will only pay $74 a day to use this option. Not much more than $19,000 per year would get spent on care costs in this case. Another solution is a home health aide. They charge typically $20 per hour in Toledo. The yearly expense would reach $45,000. The price is higher than an adult day care facility, but only half the cost of a nursing home room.

Paying for Care in Toledo

Paying for Alzheimer’s care in Toledo seems impossible for some seniors, as they do not have the money to handle the full expense. Anyone in this situation should look into all the ways to pay to ensure all possible discounts and deals are made to limit the final amount. The cost can get expensive if you do not look into alternative ways to save.

Share a Room

As was mentioned, sharing a room is a great way to save on care costs. You can spend $83,000 a year for a semi-private solution. It will save you $6,000 in costs. Choosing this room also gives you a companion as you have a roommate to spend time with each day. You may find you have a lot in common, and they could quickly become your new best friend.

Find a Package Deal

Many locations offer package deals on services. You do not just get to have a room when you live in a nursing home. The package also includes meals, amenities, nursing care, and regular activities. Searching for a discount on services will help ensure you can get the most of your money.

Seek Help at the VA

Veterans in Toledo can get the help they need by contacting their local VA. The Toledo VA Outpatient Clinic sits at 1200 South Detroit Avenue. Visit them anytime during their business hours to receive assistance. You may be able to receive discount health services there, or someone can point you in the direction of benefits that will help you pay for your nursing home care. Give them a call at 419-259-2000 to learn more.

Consider Home Care

You do not have to reside in a nursing home if you are not yet at that stage. You can use the cheaper alternative and have home care come to you. You get to remain in your home this way, and receive the nursing services you need on occasion. Home health aides can live at your residence if you need round-the-clock care, or they can come for just a few hours a day to work with you. The assistant often helps with personal care if needed, offers physical therapy sessions, assists with meals, and may even provide transportation.

Look into Insurance Possibilities

The final option, which truly should be the first, is to look into insurance options. You do not usually have to pay high premiums on private insurance policies. Apply for Medicare and Medicaid, and you will notice a significant drop in prices. These federally funded programs work well for seniors over the age of 65 and those who are low income.

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