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Toledo 55+ Communities

You’ve worked hard for your retirement and deserve to enjoy the free time you now have.  Unfortunately, you still might have to take care of things like cleaning, laundry, yard work, and household repairs which could all take away from your leisure time.  Independent communities, senior living centers, retirement villages, and 55+ communities can all help solve this problem by taking care of those tedious chores for you while also offering amenities like transportation, meal plans, on-site fitness classes and more.  

Toledo is home to dozens of these communities including two winners of the 2017 Best of Senior Living, Alexis Gardens, and Genesis Village.  Each community you look at will have different services to offer, and you can make your decision based on what fits your lifestyle.  Here you can learn more about cost, paying for communities, and what services you might expect to find.

What Is the Cost for A 55+ Community?

When compared to typical apartment rents, 55+ communities tend to cost more money.  For example, the rent on a one-bedroom apartment in Toledo costs around $508 and a two-bedroom place costs around $708.  When you look at the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in an independent community, it could be anywhere from $750 to $3,099 per month.  The monthly cost will depend largely on the location and size of the facility as well as the services they have and what amenities you decide to use.

How Can I Pay For 55+ Living?

The cost of this kind of living is higher, and you will have to use your own money to pay for it. You won’t be able to use services like VA benefits, long-term insurance, or Medicaid because these programs cover the cost of personal and home health care.  They won’t pay for the cost of daily expenses for a healthy senior.

A few options for covering your costs include using Social Security payments or adequate retirement savings accounts.  Homeowners can sell their house and use the profits for a new home, or you could even rent out your house to use those funds for 55+ living.  

One other option is to consider getting a roommate.  If you have a two-bedroom apartment, this could cut all your costs in half.  Some communities might not allow roommates, so check the rules first.  Also, give it a temporary try first before signing a lease to make sure you both can live with a roommate.  If it works out and everyone agrees to the rental rules, then sign the lease.

How Do I Find the Right Community?

Because there are a lot of choices when it comes to 55+ communities, it might feel a little confusing to choose the right one.  The best way to make your decision is to first figure out what you want from your retirement lifestyle.  Do you like to travel or are you more of a homebody?  Do you have pets or like to have visitors?  Do you drive or will you need to rely on transportation services?  What are your hobbies?

These questions can help you hone in on the type of home you want and once you figure that out, start your search.  Ask around for suggestions and look at local magazines and newspapers to learn more.  Online sources can help you find places that suit your needs as well as give you reviews from current and former residents.  If you can, visit the places you like and ask about all the different services they have.

Basic Community Services

At most places, your rent will include a few services like utilities, laundry, and housekeeping as well as cable, but ask to make sure.  Transportation is often a covered service, and if you plan to use this, make sure they have stops at the places you frequent.  

You should also ask about their meal plans and find out how many meals a day they provide.  See if they offer snacks or if you’re allowed to supplement your meals with other food.  You might be able to opt out of this plan and lower your total cost.  Other things to ask about should include security measures and on-site staff. If you own a pet, find out if they have breed or size limits and if they require a deposit.

Community Amenities

The amenities from place to place will differ so find one that suits your needs, so you aren’t wasting money or not enjoying your time.  Amenities might include things like an indoor swimming pool or on-site fitness classes.  These services might cost extra so ask beforehand.  Other services include:

Golf course

Hiking trails

Dog parks

Daily outings

Onsite restaurants

Grocery stores or shops

Salon and barber services

On-site dentists, podiatrists, or massage therapists

Game rooms

Free Wi-Fi

Cooking, art, and gardening classes

The Community Neighborhood

Even if you plan on spending most of your day in the community area, it’s smart to check out the surrounding neighborhood.  Toledo is a big city, but things can be a little spread out. So if you don’t have a car, make sure you can easily get to transportation.  Check things like crime rates and noise levels as well as businesses or schools in the area.  You want the neighborhood to match your lifestyle as much as your new home does.

Looking to The Future

While retirement is a time to relax, you also need to think about your future and anticipated health care needs.  Many seniors want the option to stay in the same place no matter what happens while others don’t mind moving.  Both are possible when it comes to independent living communities.  

Seniors that don’t mind moving around a bit can look to places like Alexis Gardens which offer more private homes and the chance to travel around the country and stay in any one of their 300 locations.  They might not be able to care for your health needs if they change and you might have to move into an assisted living facility if the need arises.

Genesis Village on the other hand still offers an independent lifestyle but also has on-site medical facilities as well as Promedica At Home which offers skilled and unskilled health services to their residents.  This allows seniors to age in place and the chance to stay in their home as their health needs change.

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