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Things to Do in Toledo

With various nicknames under its belt, including the Glass City, T-Town, and Frogtown, it is no wonder Toledo is so well-known to many people. The town’s more than 287,000 residents make it the fourth-most populous in all of Ohio. Museums, restaurants, historical attractions, and more make the area worthwhile to explore.

Explore the Fine Arts

Located at 2445 Monroe St, the Toledo Museum of Art has available hours Tuesday through Sunday. Admission remains free unless a special event occurs. Some exhibits remain the same year-round, while others change to allow you to see new designs and pieces each time you visit.

Visit the Historic District

Churches, homes, neighborhoods, and cemeteries make up the historical district of Toledo. There are plenty of options you can explore in the city. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, Trinity Episcopal Church, Wildwood Manor House, Historic Westmoreland Neighborhood, and Woodlawn Cemetery and Arboretum are just a few of the places you can check out in your free time.

Enjoy Outdoor Exhibits

The Toledo Zoo offers 51 acres of space to explore, along with more than 4,000 animals. You can spend all day from 10 am to 5 pm making your way through the area to see all of the exhibits and creatures. The zoo sits at 2700 Broadway St. Seniors over 60 get a discount on admission.

When you would rather spend outdoors for free, Ottawa Park provides a solid option. It is the largest option in the city and sits adjacent to Jermain Park as well, giving you more access to activities. Walk the trails, play disc golf, or enjoy other sports choices.

See a Ballgame

The Toledo Mud Hens play baseball in the city. They are part of the minor league, with four titles spread throughout the years since 1927 when they just got their start. They play at the new Fifth Third Field.

Amuse Yourself With Games at the Fair

The Lucas County Fair provides one option in the city. Taking place in the middle of July, this event allows people to partake in traditional summertime fun. There are games to keep you occupied, fried foods to consume, concerts and events to keep you entertained, and more. Ride some rides if you desire, or simply stroll through the area and take in the views. The fair lasts for less than a week, so be sure to make it down.

Partake in a Relaxing Spa Day

Several spa options exist in Toledo, including Massage Green Spa. Several massage options exist, but a therapeutic massage is recommended to reduce stress, ease pain, improve range of motion, and improve sleep. Book an appointment for a one-hour treatment, and you can receive a full massage for just $50.

Bella Via Skin and Body Therapies provides another choice in the area. They focus on skin, but body treatments, such as massage, are available as well. Special therapeutic services help to restore and heal the body. Most treatments take 30 minutes, although there are shorter and longer options.

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