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Tempe Support Groups For Caregivers

Becoming a caregiver for your loved one might be an easy decision, but the actual job might not be as easy. It becomes especially hard if being a caregiver isn’t your only job and you have other daily responsibilities to accomplish. If you’re starting to feel like you have no energy left or feel all-alone in your duties, you should look into the support groups and supportive services offered throughout Tempe. These resources can help you with your job, connect you to others, and make you a better caregiver, which is what is best for everyone in the long run.

Hospice Of The Valley

Hospice of the Valley provides all different kinds of care to seniors throughout the state of Arizona, but they also have services that are just for their caregivers as well. Their dementia caregiver support program can help you find the resources you need for a loved one as well as take care of yourself.

This program can help you find respite care in your area if you need to be away from your loved one or just need a little break. They also have a few support groups in the area. In collaboration with the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, they offer two support groups that meet at least once a month. These support groups are for the care partners of individuals that have non-Alzheimer’s disease dementia including Frontotemporal Dementia and Lewy Body Dementia.

You can find out when and where these support groups meet by calling 602-636-6363.

Region One Area Agency On Aging

Region One serves as the area agency on aging for Tempe and Maricopa County. Caregivers can find a whole list of different supportive services for their duties. First, they have a 24/7 senior helpline that can help you find whatever you need at any time of day; just call 602-264-4357.

They also have various caregiver resource zones set up all across the County. They are located at places like libraries and visitor centers and can help you find local caregiver resources. They also have a variety of support groups. Four different general caregiver support groups meet throughout the county, but they also have specialized caregiver support groups.

There are groups meant for those who care for someone with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and groups for caregivers who struggle with depression or care for someone who does. There are even support groups for those in the LGBT community. You can visit their website to find more information on these groups or to find other resources.

Duet Partners In Health And Aging

Duet is an organization that works to provide care for elderly citizens across the Valley. They also have services for caregivers and work to make sure they get as much care as the seniors in their lives.

They have a range of different support groups you can join including groups for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They also have general caregiver support groups. Duet can also help you find respite care if you need a break or are going away for an extended period. They have caregiver workshops and classes to help you be a better caregiver, and they have resources for common problems and issues caregivers might face.

You can visit their website to get some of the online resources they have, and you can call (602) 274-5022 to get more information about the support groups and other services they offer.

Arizona Caregiver Coalition

The Arizona Caregiver Coalition is an easy one-stop online resource for all caregivers in the state. All of the services and information you find through this site is specifically for caregivers. You can learn about local respite programs and voucher programs to help cover the cost of respite. They even can help you find out if you can get compensation for your services if you aren’t getting paid to care for your loved one.

They also have a list of all Arizona Caregiver support resources including links to local area agencies on aging and insurance assistance programs as well as training and educational opportunities. They also have a list of online support groups and forums that you can join to share advice and encouragement with others. For more information about the support groups or any other programs, you can call (888) 737-7494.

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