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Tempe Senior Living

As Tempe residents reach retirement age and beyond, it’s likely that senior living options will start to be appealing. Luckily, the area is full of both community resources that provide in-home help with things like health care, housekeeping, and chores, as well as out of the home options like assisted living and nursing home facilities. Here we’ll discuss some of the basics of what you’ll find in and around Tempe.

What will you pay for senior living in Tempe?

The costs of senior care in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, including Tempe, match closely with the national median costs according to the 2016 figures in Genworth’s Annual Cost of Care survey. The survey examines all different care types, including care provided in an assisted living facility and nursing home, as well as in-home care options like homemaker services, home health aide care, and adult day care programs.

For example, private care in an assisted living facility nationally costs $43,539 per year on average, where in the Phoenix area you can expect to pay around $41,640. When we look at nursing home care, however, national medians for annual care are $92,378 for a private room and in the Phoenix area those costs are $95,630. The in-home care options are also very close in annual cost averages and are generally less expensive than their facility-based counterparts.

Senior living options for Tempe retirees

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to retire, more services and options are available than ever before to meet the need of this growing population. Whether you’re searching for an all-inclusive resort-style living arrangement, or you want to stay in your home and outsource the care you need, there are ways to build your custom care plan. Here are some resources available in the community to choose from.

Services in the home

If you want to stay in your home as you age it’s important to have the right care combination to allow you to do that safely.

Homemaker services can help with chores around the house and with personal grooming and care. If you need assistance with more medically-based tasks, like managing your diabetes or help taking your medications, you’ll want to search for a home health service provider like Arizona Home Care.

If you want a regular way to get out of the house to interact with other seniors, play games, and enjoy a hot lunch, look for an adult day program in the area. Seniors with memory loss issues can participate at sites where there are specialty programs for dementia, like the Suntree Center.

Independent concierge services can help out with a variety of things around the house and are commonly used to requests such as delivery of groceries and household items, care for pets, or home repairs.

How to hire an in-home provider

Getting recommendations and researching a provider online is a good first step in making the right choice.

You should also ask the questions on this care checklist on SeniorAdvisor to ensure that you’re working with a reputable and licensed company.

Care communities

When it comes to out of the home care, there are a plethora of options available. First, determine what level of care you require before searching for the right one for you.

Seniors who want a maintenance-free lifestyle with like minded retirees can look for independent living communities.

Assisted living properties are a great choice if you need a little extra help with day to day activities, like dressing, personal grooming, or transportation.

Nursing homes are one of the most hands-on care options available. These properties have staff available 24 hours a day to help with medical and daily life needs.

Specialized dementia care is usually included as part of a nursing home spectrum of care and is for those who have memory loss issues.

Questions to ask about senior community living

This helpful article on Senior Advisor gives you 5 great tips on what to ask when choosing the right assisted living or nursing home for you or a loved one.

Financing your senior care

It may seem like paying for senior care is impossible, but you might be surprised by creative solutions that can help. Most seniors will first access their social security benefits and retirement to cover the cost of care first. Anyone with a low income can also apply for assistance from Medicaid, and veterans who served active-duty during wartime can also apply for help from the VA Aid & Attendance pension. Homeowners can research drawing equity through a reverse mortgage as a possible solution as well.

Volunteer in the community

Retirees who want to give back and donate their time can contact the Senior Source to be connected with area organizations that need volunteers for their daily needs and special events throughout the year.

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