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Tempe Retirement Planning

The importance of retirement planning cannot be over-emphasized in the modern world. Almost nobody wants to devote the attention necessary to ensure a financially secure old age.

Without proper planning, your senior years could be a difficult and uncomfortable time of dependency and insecurity. Without guidance, your estate may be eaten up by taxes, or leave your survivors in debt. A financial advisor will help you protect your assets at every stage of your later years.

Time Magazine has an interesting article about how many people lack the concept of how much they should save for retirement. According to the article, most people who were surveyed agree that they should know more about retirement planning.

A certified financial planner will show you the best ways to make the most of your retirement income. With a financial planner, you’ll know the best ways to arrange your affairs to maintain your standard of living.

The Tempe, Arizona area has many certified financial planners to help you, read on to find out more.

Things to Consider for Retirement

Retirement income issues are complex, but your long-term retirement goals won’t be reached without understanding them. Good financial planning will save you on over-paying taxes, and increase your monthly income.

Use a financial planner to take care of vital post-retirement issues like:

Long-term care planning

Health insurance

Health care

Estate planning

Even when you decide to collect your benefits, it will affect your income. A financial planner will advise you about the best way to withdraw retirement money to increase your income.

Use a financial planner and learn the best ways to hold on to more of your money.

Looking for a Financial Planner in Tempe

Fortunately, there are many good financial planners to choose from in the Tempe area. You’ll need to find a planner who specializes in retirement planning; it isn’t as difficult as you think.

Start by asking professional associates, friends, and family for recommendations. Anyone you know who uses a planner for their retirement advice can help you.

Online Resources You Can Use

The CFP Board of Standards has a searchable database that can help. Start by entering your zip code to find planners near you, and then you can narrow those results down further to retirement specialists.

You’ll find the Better Business Bureau of Arizona’s list of BBB-accredited financial consultants a great resource as well. They provide a selection of professionals who have achieved a level of recognition by this respected organization.

Barron’s is a well-respected resource of financial information. They provide a list of top financial advisors ranked for all 50 states. Visit the top advisor rankings for Arizona here.

Start Early to Avoid Problems

Use a certified financial planner as soon as possible to make your retirement as secure as possible. It’s too late after you’ve started collecting your retirement income to take advantage of many money saving strategies. Find a retirement specialized financial planner and keep more of the money you worked for so long to collect.

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