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Tempe Hospice Care

If you’re facing the end of your life, you might be scared or confused or not sure what to do next, and that is where hospice care can be a huge benefit. Hospice is meant to help you enjoy a high quality of life as well as help your family and loved ones cope with your final months. While many people think they have to go to a special facility for hospice care, many providers can come to wherever you are located, whether that is at home or an assisted living facility. Tempe has a few different providers in the area, so if you need to find hospice care, this is what you should know.

Who Provides Hospice Care?

Hospice care is not a one-person job and no matter if you get hospice care at home or another facility, there will be a team of people who take care of you and your family. These people will take care of your physical as well as emotional needs.

Your doctor will be the team leader and will work with the hospice director to manage all of your care and coordinate everyone on the team. They will look at your progress and decide what type of care and when you need it.

Nurses and in-home health aides will be the people you’ll see on a daily basis. They will make sure you’re comfortable and will take care of things like vitals, medication, and any other therapy you might need as time goes on.

A homemaker might also come in on the team, especially towards the end. They will take care of daily chores to make sure you and your family can spend as much time as possible together.

Counselors and social workers will be on the team as well to help you know what it is going to happen and to provide your family with emotional support. Members of the clergy might also help, especially if you request them.

Some providers will also have trained volunteers to help with things like running errands or providing temporary respite care.

You should also get close friends and neighbors involved, so you have some extra community support. You can ask them to run to the grocery store, pick up kids from school, or organize a meal delivery schedule.

Looking For Hospice Care

Your doctor might have a particular provider they want you to work with, but if they don’t, you can look around for your own care. The Arizona Hospice & Palliative Care Organization has a directory online so you can search through all the providers close to you. If you’re an eligible veteran, you can look for hospice care through the VA health system.

You can also search because a lot of in-home and assisted living providers also offer hospice care. Bayada Nurses offers in-home hospice care, and both Elmcroft of Tempe and Westchester Senior Living have hospice care as part of their services.

Paying For Hospice Care

If you have Medicare, Part A will cover the costs of in-home or in-facility hospice care. Many private insurance policies will also include hospice care. If you’re a veteran, you can get hospice care in-home, at a senior living facility, or at the Phoenix Medical Center. For older adults with limited funds, don’t hesitate to ask if hospice care providers operate on a sliding-scale payment system. This might help you afford necessary care at a crucial point in your life.

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