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The death of a family member is a stressful time that comes to every family. Funeral arrangements are typically made while family members are emotionally fragile due to grief. This is not an ideal circumstance to negotiate what can be a very expensive event.

Funeral homes are businesses, and they exist to make a profit, not to look out for your best interests. Under federal and state law, you have many rights when purchasing funeral services. It’s important to become familiar with what you have a right to, and what the funeral home is required to provide you.

There are many good funeral homes in Tempe, Arizona. Keep on reading to find out how best to find a reputable funeral services provider and what you need to consider when planning the memorial services your loved one deserves.

Your Customer Rights

You have rights as a funeral services consumer, which are guaranteed by federal and state law. For example, you have the right to a list of prices that the funeral home charges for the services and funeral products they sell. They must provide this information in writing and over the phone.

The FTC states clearly that funeral homes must make all options available to the consumer without being required to purchase a specific funeral package.

Arizona law specifically mandates that funeral services providers give the consumer a list of all the prices they charge for each service or product that they provide before discussing arrangements.

Keep This in Mind

When negotiating a funeral with the funeral home, you have the right to:

Pick the container of your choice for purposes of cremation ( you don’t have to use a coffin)

Buy a casket or funeral urn from any seller you want (you don’t have to buy it from the funeral home)

Regardless of reason, you have the right to refuse to embalm the body (they need your permission before embalming)

A Good Online Resource

The Dignity Memorial Funeral Network has a handy online funeral planning tool built into their website. They also have a selection of theme planned funerals to commemorate the interests or career of the deceased. Use this tool to plan a funeral, or simply to inspire you with respectful ways to showcase the life of your dearly departed family member.

Check out What’s Available

Finding the best funeral services provider to plan and execute the memorial services for your loved one isn’t difficult. Use the Better Business Bureau website to find a list of BBB-accredited funeral homes near or in Tempe.

Visit the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers to find out the license status of the Tempe funeral home that you’re considering.

Keep a Cap on Costs

As upsetting as a death can be, you need to keep a cap on the cost of burying or cremating your loved one. Pre-plan the funeral arrangements as far before the death as possible. If you have all the details settled beforehand, you’ll be able to focus on your grief and memorializing the life of the deceased without avoidable distractions.

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