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Tempe Financial Advisors

Ideally, we would all have a trustworthy and talented financial planner to guide us through our changing circumstances as we live our lives.

Unfortunately, too many people think of financial planning as something that only concerns the wealthy. As we grow older, it’s important for all of us to get advice and guidance on monetary matters.

Insurance coverage, retirement, and taxes are just some of the things that impact all of us, not just the better-off.

Tempe is home to many certified financial planners who can help you navigate the financial landscape of your life.

Financial advisors are invaluable sources of advice on a myriad of important issues:

Invest your money for your long-term goals Best insurance coverage to mitigate risks Advise you on tax planning Help you with estate planning

A financial planner can help you keep your financial footing from your working years all the way to retirement.

How Soon Should You Start?

It’s never too early to utilize the services of a financial planner. If you are a working-age adult who is planning on enjoying your golden years in financial security, you need a financial planner.

Finding a Reliable Financial Advisor

There are many useful resources on the internet to help you in your search.

The better business bureau has an accredited business directory of financial planning consultants. Another reliable source of information is the searchable database of the CFP Board of Standards.

Here is the list of top financial advisors in Tempe, Arizona according to Barron’s.

What’s Important When Choosing a Financial Advisor?

A financial planner is as good as his credentials. Your first step should be to check out a potential financial planner certification status thoroughly.

The CFP Board website provides that information conveniently; simply enter the financial advisor’s name and location here to quickly verify their certification status.

Next Step- Is He or She a Fiduciary?

A financial planner who is a fiduciary is required to put the client’s best interests first. Instead of offering various options, some of which may not be best, the fiduciary must consider only the most appropriate.

Ways a Certified Financial Planner can be paid

Here are a few ways a financial planner can be compensated for their services:

Fee based Commission based A combination of fee and commission By the hour

A fee compensated financial planner is often preferred. The financial planner will receive a set percent of your portfolio. Since the planner’s compensation is tied to his performance, he will have a greater incentive to ensure that your assets are well managed.

Commission based compensation is when the financial product companies pay your planner. The consensus is that there is a chance of conflicts of interest with the commission based compensation model since the planner makes his fee by selling financial services to you.

A combination of fee and commission can be found where the planner manages investments and offers insurance products. Insurance products are usually only commission based for the financial planner.

Finally, some do charge by the hour, an option for people with smaller assets.

Make sure to do your homework and find the best options for your circumstances.

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