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Tempe Family Caregiver Benefits

Family caregivers perform some of the most important work when it comes to caring for elderly loved ones. Caregivers are in high demand as the population gets older, and family members often provide the care that seniors need. Being a caregiver can be a tough job and while you might think you have to do this all by yourself there are a lot of great resources available. Whether you need help with transportation, meal services, or just a little break, you can find what you need right here in Tempe.

Central Chapter of Arizona Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that requires the most care and family members are often the ones who look after a loved one with this disease. The Alzheimer’s Association does an excellent job making sure they provide caregivers with all the support they need. The Central Arizona Chapter serves three counties, including Maricopa County.

A support group can be a great way to relieve stress, share ideas, and learn from other caregivers who are going through the same thing. There is one support group that meets in Tempe, but there are plenty of others that meet throughout the central region of Arizona. Some of these meetings have free respite care, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your family member alone. You can find a schedule for all groups in Arizona on their website.

You can also find training in Arizona that can help you become a better caregiver. Every spring there is an educational conference, and you can keep up to date on the location and day here. There are also online training courses as well as in-person courses all year round. You can learn about things like the basics of caregiving or the ten signs of early detection.

The Arizona chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association also offers an Expressions program that helps both caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients express themselves through a variety of means. You can find artwork, poems, blog posts, photos, and more all detailing what it’s like to care for or have Alzheimer’s disease. These expressions can help you connect with others who understand your situation and explore your feelings.

Region One Area Agency On Aging

The Maricopa county area agency on aging is called Region One, and it has a lot of great resources for family caregivers. You can call the senior resource helpline and quickly contact someone who will connect you with the services you need. There are also regional support groups, therapy groups, resource zones based on location, and specialty caregiver groups. If you want more information on any of these resources or want to find a schedule for the support groups, you can call (602) 264-4357.

Phoenix VA Health Care System

If you’re a veteran or you take care of a family member who is a veteran, you can use the VA health system to gain access to various caregiver support tools. The health center is located in Phoenix, but you can find resources in your area through the VA center. Resources can include:

Peer support groups for both new and veteran caregivers.

Access to a Caregiver Support Coordinator who will connect you with programs you’re eligible for.

A 24/7 hotline that can help you with whatever you need whenever you need.

Access to programs like adult day care, respite care, and even hospice care.

A telehealth system that can provide housebound seniors with medical care.

In-home health care like a homemaker or home health aide.

To learn what benefits you can use and what’s available in your area, all you need to do is call the Phoenix Caregiver Coordinator at (602) 277-5551.

Family Caregiver Support Program

The Arizona Department of Economic Security runs a Family Caregiver Support Program that provides family caregivers with assistance to get the resources they need to care for their loved one. This program can help you learn about support in your area, find counseling services, training programs, supplemental programs such as meal delivery, and respite care for when you need a break. You can use AZLinks to see if you’re eligible for these services and you can call the Region One AAA for more information.

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