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Tempe Estate Sales

It isn’t until a loved one moves or passes on that most people realize how much of a hassle it is dealing with their belongings. Relatives may not agree on what to do with possessions that have a lot of meaning to them. The issues are exacerbated when there are more things to go through.

The average home in our nation has around 300,000 distinct items according to a 2014 Los Angeles Times article. That number is even higher if your loved one happened to be a collector or hoarder. A reputable estate liquidator is a must when you have too many items. This service is particularly crucial when you do not know how much stuff is worth. They will take care of everything. You just take what you want out of the home.

Before, During, and After the Sale, Estate Liquidators Help out

Estate sale professionals can go through your home fast and price the possessions to sell for as high a price as possible. The complete process is outlined on the website for Lythcoop Estate Liquidators. Basically, they start with a walk-through of the house, perform a detailed appraisal, and price the belongings worth selling. Most businesses have certified appraisers on staff. Also, they will know what buyers are looking for and will pay when they have been in Tempe for a while.

Estate liquidators arrange and clean sale items, host sale previews, and promote the sale. So you can know what kind of service you can expect, many estate sale professionals will show you before and after pictures of their work.

Estate sale experts handle transactions, may auction off some items, help buyers, and provide security on sale day(s). You might not want to be around when your family member’s possessions are being sold, yet you are welcome to stay.

The estate sale staff can suggest local nonprofits that will remove your remaining items after the sale. You will get a check for the proceeds (minus the estate sale professional’s cut) within a few days after the sale ends. The executor of your family member will also be informed of how the sale goes.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Estate Sale Professional?

An estate sale professional will first perform a walk-through to see if your items are worth anything. Many liquidators perform this service for free, while others charge you an hourly fee. Though the percentages may vary, you can expect to pay about 35 percent of your total sales to the estate sale expert. Count on paying more if the home needs to be cleaned prior to the sale.

Where to Find Tempe Estate Sale Experts

For recommendations near you, ask your family member’s family attorney. Online reviews are also helpful. On the Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western Arizona website, there are more than a dozen BBB-accredited estate sale companies listed in the Phoenix metro area. Look for International Society of Appraisers and American Society of Appraisers certified professionals. Do not be afraid to interview several liquidators and ask for references. Finally, get the timeframe of the sale, the process, and the fees in writing.

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