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Tempe Elder Law Attorneys

A relaxed routine and simple living is the goal of many seniors, but it does not always get to happen that way. Rather than enjoying their time, many are faced with struggles of discrimination, problems with government agencies, pension plan problems, and dealing with health care providers. High-quality legal advice is what many people in these circumstances need. A good lawyer can spare you the runaround and help you achieve that relaxed routine you were searching for.

Why Elder Law Specialization Matters

There are many aspects of the elder law that are complex, requiring expertise on the topics. Elder law experts who are specialized in these fields are best able to provide the full guidance and instruction needed for these cases. They are adept at dealing with the emotions many seniors have in these instances and are able to also direct a client to community resources in the area, including social workers who have experience handling elder care.

Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

You are able to hire an elder law attorney for yourself if you need help with solving a problem. This could simply be for planning purposes, such as filing a will. You may also have a family member who wants to work with an elder law attorney. This is typically when it is suspected that you may not be able to handle all of your own care, and they simply want to help by taking over guardianship or starting the conservatorship process.

The Best Time to Work With An Elder Law Expert

The best time to work with an elder law expert is right as you begin the planning process. Whether you are estate planning or revising a will, your lawyer will be able to guide you through the process so you are submitting accurate and detailed documents. Health care directives should be included in a will, which an elder law expert will know a lot about.

Any other time you have a senior-related issue, you should also call upon an elder law expert. This could include a number of legal situations, such as:

Managing retirement benefits

Handling an age discrimination lawsuit

Obtaining VA benefits

Claiming Medicaid benefits

Long-term health needs

Where To Find An Elder Law Attorney

You can often obtain a referral for an elder law attorney from a typical family lawyer you may have. Your financial planner may also be able to recommend someone. It is also wise to hear recommendations from friends or family members who may have previously worked with an elder law attorney. A referral could get you in to see someone sooner.

There are a number of places where you can perform your own search for a lawyer. This includes the Arizona State Bar, National Academy of Elder Attorneys, and National Elder Law Foundation. You can do a city search to find lawyers directly in the Tempe area. These agency sites, paired with Super Lawyers, FindLaw, and Avvo allow you to find attorneys who are nearby and ready to help you with any elder law services you need.

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