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Tempe Alzheimer's Care

Nearly 130,000 people suffer from Alzheimer’s in Arizona. If you or a family member is one of those people, there are resources out there that can help. Alzheimer’s care can assist with medical needs, daily activities, and overall monitoring. It may be time to reach out for help.

All About Alzheimer’s in Arizona

Alzheimer’s is the fifth leading cause of death in Arizona.

More than 364 million hours of Alzheimer’s care went unpaid in 2015 alone.

The largest amount of Alzheimer’s patients fall between the ages of 75 and 84.

There are 55,000 people suffering from Alzheimer’s in this age range.

What is Alzheimer’s Care?

A provider can offer in-home care to an Alzheimer’s patient. This allows the person to remain in their own home with familiar surroundings, yet still receive the assistance they need. There are also day programs where a family member can bring their loved one to a facility so they can spend some time with other people throughout the day. This allows the primary caregiver to continue working, while knowing their loved one is being watched over.

Another possibility is for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s to move to a memory care facility. These facilities are well equipped for this type of disease, and provide round the clock care to residents. Grab bars and non-slip mats are set up in the bathroom to reduce the chance for falls, while a nurse is available regularly to check up on each person.

How Much Does Alzheimer’s Care Cost?

The cost for Alzheimer’s care varies greatly, but there are average amounts seen across all states. It is typically expected that an in-home nurse will receive $21 per hour for his or her care of your loved one. According to Elizabeth Hanes with Next Avenue, you can expect to pay around $55,000 a year for an assisted living community that focuses on patients with dementia.

Paying for Arizona Alzheimer’s Care

You do not have to pay all care costs out of pocket. There are many organizations and insurance plans willing to help. It is often easier to be approved for a nursing facility, rather than in-home care. This is because Medicare often only helps pay for actual medical check-ups. They will not pay for in-home care that consists of helping with daily activities like dressing and bathing. Your plan may only cover a short stay, however, such as 100 days in a nursing facility. They may also be willing to assist with hospice care toward the end of days.

Nearby in Phoenix, which is roughly 20 minutes away from the city of Tempe, there is the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. This facility strives to provide care to people with Alzheimer’s as well as educate family caregivers. You can meet at the various support groups offered and discuss payment plans and possibilities with others who have gone through the process already. They will have helpful guidance on finding ways to pay and making sure your loved one receives the best care. Home recommendations for Alzheimer’s care may also be made, such as Brookdale Tempe, which offers both semi-private rooms and studio options.

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