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Tempe Aging In Place

Aging in place is something that many seniors desire because it’s a chance to stay in an environment they know and love while still getting the help and care they need. Aging in place services can cover a broad range of needs, but the most common tend to be homemakers and home health aides. Homemakers can do everything from clean your house to prep your food to run your errands. However, home health aides tend to focus on the medical side of care by reminding you to take your medications and helping you get in and out of bed. No matter what you need, you can find services for it here in Tempe.

Paying For Services

You might worry that in-home care might cost too much, but there are a few options when it comes to payment, so you won’t have to cover the entire cost. First, if your doctor has stated you need help to safely reside in your house, then you can get reimbursed for all in-home care options. The Tempe Community Action Agency works in conjunction with the local area agency on aging to help qualified seniors cover the costs of homemakers and other home services like meal delivery or transportation. Veterans can also find help covering the cost of services through their VA benefits, just make sure to check before you start using services.

Cost Of Services

The national average for both homemaker and in home health aide services is around $3,800 per month. That breaks down into about $123 per day, but this cost is going to depend largely on where you live, what type of care you get, and how often you decide to use these services.

Tempe has a slightly higher average for both of these services. Homemakers can cost about $3,813 per month, and home health aides can cost about $4,063 per month. That means you could pay between $125 and $134 per day for these services. You can find providers that will fit your budget and if you don’t need to use services every day that will also cut down on the total cost.

Finding A Provider In Tempe

It’s easy to find a home care provider, but you don’t want to pick any company at random. Remember, you will be working directly with these people in your home, so you want to find trustworthy providers. Ask for suggestions from trusted family members and close friends as well as check out each business with the Better Business Bureau of Arizona. You can read client reviews on this site as well as see the history of each business.

After you have found a few providers you would like to work with, do a little more research on them by calling each company. Ask if they are licensed, insured, and bonded as well as if they have a background check or other screening process for their employees. You will also want to find out how they schedule their clients and if they allow for last minute service or not. Payment is another procedure you want to ask about because they might require you to pay a certain amount upfront or pay as you go structure. All of these are important things to find out before you agree to services and sign a contract.

Additional Home Care Options

Homemakers and home health aides might be the most popular choice, but they aren’t the only option when it comes to in-home care. Concierge services have seen a lot of growth over the years and as long as you have a computer and access to the internet you can find what you need through these providers. is a good option for dog and pet owners while Favor or TaskRabbit can help you find someone to assist you with your various chores and errands. If you’re looking for someone to help you with minor repairs or remodels you can look on or Amazon Home Services. You can even look for people to watch your house while you’re away or take care of the cleaning. Whatever you need you can find it online through concierge services.

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