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Catholic Health Care in Tempe

Arizona has a large Catholic population and has many Catholic senior programs. From hospital care to food delivery, you can find many comprehensive programs for assistance or entertainment. The Phoenix Archdiocese along with the largest non-profit organization, FSL (Foundation for Senior Living), also offers social services and housing. Catholic Charities chapters deliver assistance in about every needed life necessity. You can also find an abundance of activities at various parishes around Tempe.

Programs at Tempe Catholic Churches for seniors

There are several Catholic Churches right here in Tempe. All parishes offer fellowship, social groups, and community support. Part of The Church of The Holy Spirit, Senior C’s is open to those over the age of 55 and offers monthly meetings and offsite lunch get-togethers.

Expanding out, Saint Joan of Arc in Phoenix offers several social ministries including the Senior Ministry which is a program for seniors that includes activities such as games, seminars, day trips, Bible Scripture education, retreats, and movies. Saint Joan of Arc also has a singles group for those widowed, divorced, or never married. The senior care resources group is made up of four neighboring parishes and offers assistance to other seniors who are homebound and assist with things like errands and grocery shopping.

FSL, a Roman Catholic charity, offers senior centers with one in nearby Peoria with daily lunch programs that are contribution only. Seniors can also enjoy recreation activities to stay active, wellness and learning programs, and take up a hobby.

Catholic Charities also help with homebound seniors by providing nutritious meals delivered directly to the home.

Foundation for Senior Living offers extensive senior services

Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) was founded in 1974 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to improve the quality of life for older adults and their own caregivers. They provide housing, social services, and health services with adult day cares, assisted living, home health, caregiver services, and senior centers.

Assisted group living through FSL gives extended care to those adults who may need a little more medical services. There are FSL homes throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and these programs have received much recognition for being the top for exceptional community care.

FSL offers adult day health services for activities, socialization, and assistance throughout the day. Adults of all ages are welcome to these programs that enhance the person’s independence through active well-being promotion and health assistance.

For homebound seniors, FSL offers home care assistance to increase independence. Their staff will work with you to create a customized plan to give you the life you want and deserve.

FSL also offers education programs for the community and caregivers to assist with making daily life easier. They also offer apartments for rent, home monitoring, and many other services.

In addition to the FSL programs, there are two predominant Catholic hospitals with one directly in Tempe. St. Luke’s offers educational classes including health seminars and complimentary hearing screenings. St. Joseph is located in Phoenix.

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