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Tampa Senior Realtors

If you are one of those people, who have had to move a lot, you can testify that moving is never easy. Some of the less stressful moves are usually those that the people moving are excited about for whatever reasons, while the hardest moves are those that people do not want to move. Seniors always fall in the second category of movers who more often than not, do not want to move, but everyone including their bodies is forcing them to move out of their precious homes. The above is a major reason why moving for seniors requires qualified senior realtors.

Who Are Senior Realtors?

Senior Realtors are professionals who make it easy for a senior to move, sell their home, or even buy a new home. Senior Realtors are professionals with all the qualifications of a realtor, but with special training to help them take care of the needs of a senior during this transition in life.

For a realtor to become a senior realtor in Tampa, he or she has to go through courses such as the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course and the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) certification. The National Association of Realtors and The Senior Real Estate Institute provide the above courses.

Who Do The Above Professionals Serve?

Senior realtors have the qualifications to handle all the real estate needs of anyone in need, but they mainly focus on seniors above the age of 50 years. These professionals understand the challenges that seniors face during this tough period of their lives, and they help them in every way from downsizing, sale and purchase of property, refinancing, or any other issue that can come up.

The Right Time To Call Senior Realtors

People will often think about calling a realtor as soon as they want to buy or sell a house, which is still a good time to call a senior realtor. However, senior realtors are important to seniors because they handle much more than just the sale and purchase of property.

Seniors who insist on remaining in their homes despite their physical challenges need a senior realtor to help them bring in professionals who can assist with customizing their home for it to meet their needs. The professionals can install wheelchair ramps, lifts, and grab bars in some rooms and corridors, and many other features.

Seniors who have decided to move need senior realtors to help them coordinate the downsizing and relocation to a senior community or an assisted living facility. The professionals also help seniors manage their finances while taking advantage of available resources for seniors.

Senior realtors help seniors to deal with every detail that follows the transfer of property, details such as estate contract reviews, tax-reduction plans, protection of heirs, as well as following up on estate planning.

Finding Senior Realtors In Tampa

You can begin your search for senior realtors at the Certified Senior Housing Professional Directory where you will find senior realtors such as Dick & Karla Nielsen, who have been in the business for four decades.

If you want to find Senior Real Estate Specialists in Tampa, you can find a very comprehensive list of professionals at the SERS find page.

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