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Tampa Hospitals

Senior residents in Tampa can seek treatment at a local hospital or geriatricians office. Several are available throughout the area. It is important for seniors to see a specialist who understands the needs of older adults. The same care provided to younger patients will not work for older adults who are experiencing symptoms they never had before, such as memory trouble.

Tampa General Hospital

Geriatric Medicine falls under the category of Internal Medicine. Numerous doctors are specialized in that field at Tampa General Hospital. A number of other specialties are also included, allowing seniors to receive the best possible care when they visit. Cancer is often a concern of older adults, which is why they are referred to this unit if they have developed any form of it. There is also a Heart and Vascular Unit for those with heart concerns, such as someone who has experienced a heart attack. Palliative care is intended for those at the final stages. Support and pain management are typically offered.

Florida Hospital Tampa

Florida Hospital Tampa also offers a number of services to seniors. A common option chosen is Pastoral Care. There is a non-denominational chapel available 24 hours a day for those who need to seek comfort in the Lord. Patients may also request a visit from the pastoral care team, where emotional and spiritual support is provided.

Other specialties at the hospital include emergency services, bariatric surgery, gastrointestinal, orthopedics, and sleep disorders. Many seniors experience problems in these fields, such as stomach ulcers, joint pain, chest pain, and restlessness. They can head to the appropriate department to have their troubles assessed and treated.

James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

The James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital is intended for older adults who have served the country. Geriatrics is just one of the many services offered. The others range from physical medicine to neurology, psychiatry to extended care, and even dentistry and oncology. The hospital is a full service center that offers medical assistance in any way necessary. There is a main hospital, as well as a nursing home care unit for those who cannot live alone.

Butterfly therapy is one way to help veterans. The butterflies symbolize hope. Veterans release butterflies into the air so they are free to fly. The special ceremony is typically held once a year in May for awareness of a certain illness.

USF Health Division of Geriatric Medicine

The USF College of Medicine offers a Division of Geriatric Medicine. Several clinics are included where seniors can receive care from a team of trained professionals. Ambulatory services are even provided when necessary. Members are involved with the American Geriatric Society.

Finding Tampa Geriatricians Fast

Tampa geriatricians can be found fast by looking online at valuable resources. Aging Care Advocates are available to help with any health concerns for seniors. This includes finding an appropriate physician. Simply contact (813) 246-4120 to speak to an advocate and receive contact information for local geriatricians in Tampa that offer senior services.

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