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Tampa Hospice Care

As we reach the end of life, our needs change. While we may spend the last few years battling illness or just general aging, once we recognize that the end is a few weeks or months away, we just want to spend the rest of our time comfortable and enjoy being around our families.

A hospice care team can help you focus on enjoying your time left with loved ones by doing what they can do to reduce your pain and maintain your level of comfort. If you’re considering the services of a hospice care provider, here are some things you need to know.

Who is On a Hospice Care Team?

The hospice care team is made up of many people, each with their own role. The various key players may be essential to your situation or you may be able to do without. Here are some of the major members of a hospice care team.

Doctors and Hospice Doctors: Your primary doctor will partner with a hospice doctor to create a plan for your time with hospice. This plan will focus on managing your pain and keeping you comfortable, but it will not look at new treatments or medications to fight your illnesses or conditions.

Nurses and Home Health Aides: The nurses and home health aides will assist the doctor and hospice doctor in delivering the plan. They can help by monitoring your health, performing therapies to make you more comfortable, and administering medication.

Homemaking Aides and Volunteers: The goal of a homemaking aide and volunteer is to take away some of the stress from family, friends, and neighbors. They assist in running errands, cooking food, and cleaning the home so that the senior can spend as much time as possible with their loved ones.

Social Workers, Counselors, and Clergy: These team members help you and your family through the emotional struggle of the end of life. They can provide guidance on what to expect with hospice as well as comfort and prayer on what comes next.

Choosing Hospice Services in Tampa

Before selecting a hospice care provider in Tampa, you should discuss your various needs with your doctor. Discussing the thought of hospice care with your medical team can help you ensure you receive all the care and services you need to continue living comfortably and free of pain.

There are a number of hospice options available to the Tampa area. If you are a veteran, you may qualify for hospice services from the VA. If not, you can find plenty of hospice care options by browsing

Paying for Hospice Care in Tampa

Thankfully, hospice is covered by Medicare and most private health insurers. Most insurance plans that cover hospice will only include coverage for services to maintain the comfort of the individual, meaning it does not include experimental treatments or new therapies aimed at curing illnesses.

Before selecting a hospice care provider, discuss the level of care you are looking for and the insurance or budget you are working with.

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