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Tampa Aging In Place

Whether you live in a bungalow in historic Kenwood or a high-rise in Downtown St. Petersburg, chances are great that you love your home and want to stay there. As a senior, you have the right to choose where you age and aging in place services are growing to help fit the needs of seniors. Some of the most common services you can find are home health aides that will monitor your health conditions and help you with things like medication reminders and personal grooming along with homemakers that will help you maintain your house through cleaning and other household chores.

Who Pays For These Services?

You might not have to pay for these services completely out of pocket because there are a few options to help financially. First, if you have long-term care insurance you should go over the policy because you might be able to get these services covered. Veterans should go over their VA benefits to see what their long-term care covers in terms of in-home help. Low-income seniors can turn to their Medicaid benefits and the Hillsborough County Aging Services offers assistance for seniors who need in-home care.

What Will These Services Cost?

While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact cost for in-home care services, we can look at averages to get an idea of what it will cost. The national monthly average for homemakers and home health services combined is about $3,800 which breaks down into $125 to $127 per day.

In Tampa, those averages are about the same with home health aides costing about $125 per day and homemaker services costing around $119 per day. The average monthly cost for these services will be between $3,623 and $3,804 and while that seems expensive, take into consideration these are just averages and you can find both higher and lower prices. It’s also much less expensive than the $7,574 monthly cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home.

How Should I Find A Good Provider?

Take some time to do a little research as you look for providers. It’s a good idea to talk to close friends and family members, especially if they’ve used these services before, and get their opinions. The Better Business Bureau of West Florida is another good resource for information as well as user reviews so you can get a feel for each company.

Keep a list of questions to ask potential providers that include finding out about their insurance and licensing and seeing if they’re bonded. You also want to ask about how they hire their employees and if they use background checks. Another thing you will want to know is how they handle their payments and if they have plans or other options. Ask about their scheduling procedures and before you sign a contract carefully go over all agreements.

What Other In-Home Care Options Are Available?

Fortunately, there are so many other types of care options available to you through the internet. If you’re not ready for the help of a home health aide or a homemaker, you can explore other services and build a customized care plan that works for you.

Pet owners can find help like dog walkers or pet sitters through and if you need your house cleaned check out Handy. TaskRabbit is a site that lets you find help for any task, chore, or errand you need. If you need to update your home so it is easy to move around or you have some minor repairs you need to be addressed, try or Amazon Home Services. Before you have anyone come into your home make sure you ask them the same questions as above and you feel comfortable with their services.

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