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How Much Does Tampa Assisted Living Cost?

Seniors living within the Tampa area of Florida in search of quality assisted living options have more than 240 services available to choose from. Whether your needs include in-home assistance from health aides and caregivers or living within a senior community residence setting, there are a variety of assisted living plans and services available.

Assisted living services can benefit individuals by providing them with help while engaging in daily living activities. They differ from around-the-clock nursing home care in that individuals are more independent and are basically able to provide and care for themselves. This handy guide provides a detailed overview of assisted living services along with estimated costs for the Tampa area.

Your options for in-home based service include having a homemaker or health aide come out to your house to help you with daily living activities such as showering and getting dressed. You can also hire housekeepers for general cleaning. Some examples of assisted living services available at residence complexes include:

Limited mobility Food preparation and clean-up Administration of medicine Memory care Help with grooming

Assisted living residences are designed to help individuals maintain a level of freedom and independence while providing them with access to essential services that enhance daily living. Care is more personalized to meet the unique needs of each resident while giving them access to a wide variety of services and optional amenities for a more fulfilling life.

Florida Government Statistics for Assisted Living in Tampa

The Hillsborough County region of Florida, which includes the city of Tampa, has about 241 licensed assisted living facilities.

Architectural styles include apartment homes as well as larger facilities that have more than 190 beds.

Assisted living options for Tampa are posted on the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) site, which maintains a statewide listing.

Estimated Yearly Expenses for Assisted Living in Tampa

Tampa area assisted living services tend to be more affordable in comparison to the average costs associated with the national median rate. The 2015 Genworth Cost of Care Survey lists the approximate expenses for Tampa assisted living to be about $36,000 annually, which includes an increase of 2% per year. This is about $7,000 less than the national average rate of $43,200 per year, which includes an increase of 2% annually.

Homemaker services averaged about $42,900 per year for Tampa during 2015 while the estimated annual expenses for home health aides were slightly higher at about $46,057. The rates configured by Genworth are based on performed services given during the course of 44 hours over 5 days within a one week period for 12 months.

What Services and Amenities are Included in the Cost?

When you hire homemakers and health aides to come to your home to provide services, the costs are generally straightforward. Home services are usually by the hour unless you have a live-in companion who is there continually. If you decide to move into a senior community residence or facility, you will need to do some research and ask questions to find out what exactly is included in your service plan.

An assisted living residence offers a wider range of features and services. Some of the amenities are included in the cost and others are considered perks that are an added expense. When you visit and check out potential senior living communities, ask to review all the policies in writing so you clearly see what your options are and how much you will get for your money.

How to Budget and Save Money on Assisted Living

When you are ready to take advantage of assisted living services, shop around and try to find quality services that are affordable. Check reviews for positive feedback and comments from clients that have used services you may be interested in.

Alternative ways to save some money would be to consider sharing the bills and all the expenses with a roommate. If you live alone and your best friend is in a similar situation, you can both split the costs by moving into a 2-bedroom assisted living residence unit.

Alternative Ways to Finance Assisted Living Care Services

An innovative program known as Optional State Supplementation (OSS) is administered by the state of Florida to help residents pay for assisted living services. Those individuals that are eligible can receive cash assistance, which they can then use to help cover the cost associated with assisted living services.

The Department of Elder Affairs, which is administered through the state of Florida, offers residents a variety of resources to help with the cost of assisted living services. Other alternative choices include long-term care insurance and Medicaid.

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