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What’s the Cost of Living in Surprise, AZ?

Surprise, Arizona has much to offer as a place to retire. The cost of living anywhere in the U.S. is challenging to anyone on a fixed income, moving can be the best option to stretch your retirement funds out for as many years as possible.

Even though Surprise isn’t the cheapest place to live in the country, the location has many different advantages that can make it a great retirement value.

This article will summarize those advantages. It will also give you an idea of the different living costs in Surprise, Arizona, which can help you to decide if it makes sense for you.

The Cost of Feeding Yourself in Surprise

Food is an essential factor to consider in any budget, and can easily be one of your largest expenses. In Surprise, Arizona, the cost of feeding yourself is close to the national average, but relatively inexpensive compared to many other U.S. regions.

A combo meal at a fast-food restaurant in Surprise will only cost you about $6, while a lunchtime pub meal including a drink is a reasonably priced average of $12.

Regarding your weekly grocery bill, Surprise will be easy on your wallet. Boneless chicken breast will range about $2 to $3 per pound, and a quart of milk will average $0.65. A loaf of bread will cost between $1 and $3, a dozen large eggs will be had for $2.50, and potatoes will cost approximately $0.50 per pound.

Transportation in Surprise

Gasoline prices in Surprise are within the national average. As of 2016, you can purchase gasoline for between $2 and $3 per gallon. The hot climate and low humidity will save you further by increasing your mileage and making your car last longer. The absence of hard winters and road salt will be reflected in less corrosion and wear on your vehicle.

The area has access to light rail service and buses that are affordable, serve the local communities, and provide easy access to Phoenix amenities. If age and disability eventual take you off the road, you’ll still get around just fine, and spend little to do so.

Rent and Housing in Surprise

For homeowners, the $235,000 average price of a Surprise home makes selling up an easy option. If you prefer to rent, then a one-bedroom apartment can be rented for about $1000 a month in a nice area. Utilities (gasoline, electric, heating, internet) will cost two people in a one-bedroom apartment an average of $240 per month.

Compared to housing costs in many parts of the U.S., this can represent a substantial savings for many retirees looking to stretch their retirement dollars.

Senior Care in Surprise

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Surprise are much more affordable than the national median cost. For between $3,000 and $5,000, you’ll find yourself in a pleasant assisted living or nursing home residency.

With careful comparison of the living costs in Surprise and your current location, you’ll be able to judge if this is a move that could work for you.

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