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Surprise Support Groups For Caregivers

The population is rapidly aging, and as more seniors need help with their daily tasks, they turn to their family members. Family caregivers have increased in large numbers, and while it might have been easy to say yes to caring for your loved one, the actual job can be hard. It takes a toll physically and mentally, which is why it’s crucial to take care of you. Support groups offer you the chance to connect with other caregivers and express your feelings in a safe space. Surprise has both support groups and other services to help you be a better caregiver.

Surprise Area Agency On Aging

Region One service Surprise and all of Maricopa County as the area agency on aging and caregivers can find a lot of great resources through them. They operate the Family Caregiver Support Program, which helps caregivers find both information and services that will help their family members. Caregivers can get training, attend workshops, find respite care, and other supplemental services.

A Caregiver Resource Zone is set up at the Northwest Regional Library, and you can head there for information on local programs and services for caregivers. Region One also offers a few different support groups for caregivers. You can pick from general support groups to meetings for those that care for people with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. If you have questions about anything or want more information, the agency has a 24-hour helpline that you can call. (602) 264-4357.

Duet Partners In Health And Aging

Duet is a group that works to serve the seniors of Maricopa County. They can offer you services through the Family Caregiver Support Program or help you find whatever you need when it comes to caregiving. They also operate a few support groups in the area.

Again, these support groups can be for general caregiving or more specific types of caregiving. There are several groups in the county, and you can check their website to see which are closest to you and fit your schedule. They are free of charge, but you do need to call ahead to let them know you will be attending. The number is (602) 274-5022.


Benevilla is another organization that helps seniors get access to services and programs to make their lives easier. They have daily enrichment programs, and they also have a whole list of free services like grocery shopping, minor home repairs, and companions or phone pals. Caregivers can also find support groups run by Benevilla.

These groups meet throughout the Surprise area and surrounding neighborhoods. The meetings are usually once or twice a month, and you can find one that fits your timetable. Respite care might be offered for a few of the groups, and you can call (623) 584-4999 to learn more.

Support Online Through Arizona Caregiver Coalition

There are days that you can just not leave your family member alone or get out of the house. If you are feeling stressed out, but there is no way to get to a meeting, you can go online to the Arizona Caregiver Coalition. This online resource can connect you to not only respite care locators and vouchers for services but online support groups.

They also have a Caregiver Resource Line that you can call at any time to speak to someone about services, respite care, or even just air out any frustrations you might have. You can search for local resources or resources available throughout the whole state of Arizona. Call (888) 737-7494 to learn more.

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