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Surprise Senior Movers and Downsizers

Sorting through your possessions before a move can be an emotionally overwhelming job, especially during your senior years. Surprise area senior move experts can help you to turn the relocation process into a positive experience by shouldering the physical and emotional stress that comes along with a big move.

The Surprise senior moving experience

If you are using the services of a Senior Move Manager, you won’t enter your new home to find rooms full of boxes. Instead, you’ll find your favorite artwork on the wall, a fully stocked fridge, neatly organized bookshelves, and even electronics that are plugged in and ready to go. Members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) are able to take care of the entire relocation process, right down to the last detail. Senior Move Managers work hard to sort, pack and transport your belongings before arranging them in your new home.

The right time to contact a senior move expert

Calling a Senior Move Manager early on gives you control over the entire relocation process, from downsizing your possessions to planning the layout of your new home. You should start looking into local senior moving services as soon as you begin thinking about the possibility of relocating to a new home or retirement community. Starting the downsizing process as early as possible gives you and your Senior Move Manager the time that you need to sort through sentimental belongings and decide what to keep, toss, donate or pass on. If you have a collection of valued possessions but no room to store them, you can take the time to create a digital photo album that allows you to preserve your memories without cluttering up your new home.

The search for a Senior Move Manager

There are some important questions that you should be sure to ask when choosing a Senior Move Manager:

What formal training do you have? Are you fully insured, including both workers’ compensation and liability insurance? Do you have any references? How do you determine overall moving costs? Can you provide me with a written contract?

You can find a Senior Move Manager close to your neighborhood by checking the NASMM online database, or check ratings and reviews of local moving services that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Seniors who are moving into a senior living community may want to ask staff and residents for recommendations.

The cost of senior moving and downsizing services

The cost of moving with a senior relocation expert varies from one client to the next, with prices depending on the scope and complexity of the relocation. Many companies charge by the hour, but some may offer a la carte options or package deals that help Surprise seniors to save on services. Those who received a recommendation from their senior living community may be able to claim a referral discount. Contact a Senior Move Manager in your area to learn more about available services and to get a personalized quote.

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