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Surprise Retirement Planning

When planning for imminent retirement, it is not advisable to keep putting it off until the last minute. Unfortunately, this seems to be the way many people approach the problem of retirement planning.

Look no further than a survey from Transamerica that asked more than four thousand individuals if they knew how much they would need for retirement. The answers were shocking; more than half had no clear idea how much they would need to be saved. Even worse, more than half of them wished they knew more about proper retirement planning.

This is why it’s so important to use the services of a financial planner who specializes in retirement planning. A financial planner will provide valuable advice and services that will make retirement more of a certainty and less of a worry.

Components of Retirement Planning

There are many components to a successfully planned retirement according to recommendations from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards:

Estate planning

Long-term care

Geriatric health care

Tax planning


Retirement income

A certified financial planner will ensure that each of these components is planned for into late old age for a secure retirement lifestyle.

It’s important to know how timing your retirement can affect your income well into the rest of your life.

Income Planning is Important

Tax and income issues are complicated, and mistakes can be expensive both immediately and in the long-term. Use a competent financial planner to plan for the smallest tax liabilities and maximum return on your investments.

Your retirement financial planner will keep your budget and income on track.

Delaying Retirement

Let a financial planner calculate how much you’ll have to draw on in your post-work years. He can tell you how soon, or late you can retire. It’s better to know as soon as possible if you’re going to have to work part or full-time to make ends meet.

When You Need to Find a Financial Planner in Surprise

The easiest way to find qualified candidates to provide retirement planning assistance is to avail yourself of online search tools.

The CFP Board of Standards offers a searchable database that will allow you to find a certified financial planner by location, specialty, and compensation model. This tool will allow you to quickly narrow your choices down to the most suitable professionals.

Using the Better Business Bureau of Arizona website is quick and easy. They maintain a complete list of BBB-Accredited financial planning professionals in Arizona.

Barron’s is an established source of valuable financial information. Take a look at their list of top rated financial advisors in Arizona here.


Rely on the experience of others. Ask people whom you trust; that already have a retirement planner helping them prepare for the future. Compare their situation with your own and see if someone can give you a good recommendation. Chances are if they do well for your friends or family, the planner can help you too.

Interview Mercilessly

Once you’ve assembled a list of potential retirement specialists to help put your plans into action, schedule meetings with all of them. Take all your pertinent documentation and a long list of questions with you. Be certain that the financial planner you choose will be the best for your goals and circumstances.

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