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Surprise Rehab Centers

Nursing homes are great places to recover from a serious illness, surgery, stroke, or a heart attack after a hospital stay. In fact, one-third of nursing home residents are there permanently; they are there for the rehab programs to recover and transition home. You can find all the treatment you get in the hospital at a nursing home in a more supportive setting. Below are some pointers to help you with your rehab search.

What happens in rehab exactly

After a critical medical condition or surgery, you are not ready to come home straight from the hospital. You still need care and help as you recoup your strength and mobility. After your doctor says you are ready to leave the hospital, your condition will be assessed to determine the best plan of action for your recovery. Nursing homes and rehab centers offer a variety of therapy including physical, occupational, and speech. Along with this therapy, you will receive 24/7 nursing care and consistent medical evaluations.

Recovery treatments vary by patient and their actual medical state, and they are individualized. Patients will begin working on their balance, mobility, and improving endurance and strength. Therapy will be at least multiple times a week or possibly daily depending on your medical needs.

Narrowing your search

There are several nursing homes in the Surprise area. Here are a few facilities that are recommended from reviews on

Sante strives to provide the best possible experience for patients in short-term rehab. They also believe in supporting the family through this journey.

The Gardens of Sun City offers more comfort and amenities than most nursing homes. Their staff will help you reach your maximum independence.

Choice Rehab Care has a new therapy room that is nearly 2,000 square feet. They offer a comprehensive program called Bridges to ensure each patient is meeting his or her goals and can return home safely.

Your surgeon or physician will also provide recommendations on places that provide therapy.

Other criteria to examine

Be sure to request referrals and guidance from friends and acquaintances. You can also read online reviews. The first-hand experience from someone will tell you much more about the facility that anything else. Also, research the facility’s score with state inspections and make sure their record is clean. The most important thing to check is if the facility accepts Medicare or is Medicaid-certified.

The cost factor

Medicare will cover skilled nursing care under Coverage A if all criteria are met.

To be eligible, you need to stay three consecutive days in the hospital after the day you were admitted. Your condition must require rehab treatment as determined by your doctor through a prescription or order.

The center needs to be Medicare-approved. Be aware that Medicare does not cover all services, so be sure to ask your doctor ahead of time to avoid any surprise costs. If you don’t qualify for Medicare, long-term care insurance or Medicaid may cover your rehabilitation care.

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