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Surprise Neighborhood Guide

Surprise is a city in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The population grew rapidly from 2000 to 2010, making it the second fastest-expanding municipality in the greater Phoenix area. Surprise is an ideal spot for retirees since there are several communities filled with activities such as golf, tennis, fitness, spas, restaurants, and more.

The Surprise neighborhoods

Located about 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Surprise offers parks, sporting events, public art displays, and more. There are various neighborhoods to meet every need whether you want a private adult retirement area or a new and upcoming hip area. Here are two different style neighborhoods available to show you the diversity:

The adult 55 and older community of Sun Village features about 1,400 residents and is a community in itself. The community boasts a small town feeling, but there is plenty to do including a fitness center, library, recreation center, restaurant, and beauty shop all within the gates. If you enjoy sports, you will love Sun Village. Within the community, there is one of Arizona’s largest heated swimming pools, and 18-hole golf course, and tennis courts.

Sierra Montana is located on the Westside of Surprise. There is a recreation facility for residents of all ages. The housing is affordable in a highly desirable master-planned community with schools, retail, and restaurants around. There are one-story home options available to fit all budgets.

The place to retire

Money Magazine ranked the best places to retire, and Sun City was number one. This master community is one of the gated communities in Surprise and is a prime spot for activities and hobbies for retirees.

You should highly consider the state of Arizona for retirement because of taxes. Since retirees are living on fixed income, every penny matters. Arizona does not tax Social Security, which most other states do. Seniors also receive a tax break on property taxes.

Huffington Post created an article on why Arizona might be the best state to retire citing factors such as outdoor activities and scenery, the sunshine, affordable housing, activities, and favorable tax breaks.

Finding what your idea neighborhood is like

You may have other thoughts you want to consider when choosing a neighborhood. Visit Neighborhood Scout, select your city, and then select your criteria such as quiet, retirement area, and amenities. If you want a detailed report, you will have to pay for the service, but you can get a few ideas with the free options.

To determine your choice neighborhood, first, you need to consider what you can afford. You also need to consider how close you are to the necessities such as the grocery store, entertainment options, and closeness to your loved ones. Spend time in these neighborhoods, so you can get the “feel” of the area. Ask residents what they like most about the neighborhood.

Surprise is a great destination for retirement. Arizona is always a top retirement destination for a reason. It is affordable, safe, beautiful, and full of activities – all factors that are important for choosing a place to live.

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