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Surprise Demographics and Lifestyle

With breathtaking scenic views, wildlife, and trails in Surprise, you can always find something to do in the area. Imagine spending your retirement years in a warm climate with no snowfall or ice to manage during the winter.

The Population of Surprise

The population for Surprise, Arizona is estimated at 128,422 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau and the 2010 Census and 2015 estimates. Of this figure, 51.7 percent are female and veterans make up 13,157 residents. Seniors age 65 and over make up 19 percent of the total population of Surprise.

The Surprise Community consists of a large number of self-identifying Whites at 80.6 percent, 18.5 percent as Hispanic or Latino, 5.1 percent as Black or African-American, 3.8 percent as two or more races, 0.7 percent as American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.2 percent as Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

Of the residents, 8.8 percent were born in another country and 12.2 percent speak another language other than English at home.

The Beautiful Weather in Surprise

Surprise, Arizona provides its residents with an amazing 301 sunny days each year. The city only receives about seven inches of rain throughout the entire year and no snow. Retirees no longer have to worry about the cold temperatures and dangers of shoveling snow and ice while living in Surprise. The lowest temperature during the winter months averages 40 degrees.

The summer months are hotter with temperatures easily reaching a high of 106 degrees in July. With hotter temperatures, you will want to make sure you have an efficient air conditioning system and ventilation to avoid overheating and heat stroke.

Heat-related illnesses are more prevalent during the summer months in Arizona, but can usually be prevented. The Arizona Department of Health Services created a Heat Emergency Response Plan and a Heat Safety Resource Guide available on their website. To avoid heat-related illnesses make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day of at least two liters, wear breathable and light clothing, eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of large heavy meals, stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, and take breaks while exercising or walking outdoors.

Your Views in Surprise

If you enjoy scenic views and hiking or walking along trails, you can find several near Surprise, including Waterfall Trail, Black Rock Loop Trail, Mule Deer Trail, and Sonoran Loop Competitive Track.

While visiting the local nearby parks, or sitting on your porch, you may see a variety of local birds, such as the great-tailed grackle, white-winged dove, mourning dove, Inca dove, house sparrow, Anna’s hummingbird, European starling, Eurasian collared dove, rock pigeon, northern mockingbird, house finch, white-crowned sparrow, red-tailed hawk, or the curve-billed thrasher.

Closer to the desert areas, you may see reptiles and other animals like the roadrunner, rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, prairie dogs, coyotes, horned toads, jaguars, bighorn sheep, or jackrabbit. While visiting the national forests, you may catch a glimpse of wild turkeys, mountain lions, deer, or elk roaming past the trees.

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