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Surprise Alzheimer's Care

Care of Alzheimer’s first requires knowledge of the disease. Alzheimer’s causes mental deterioration. It is also known as senile dementia. Memory struggles are the most common signs of Alzheimer’s, with signs starting as early as middle age. Seniors are most commonly plagued by the disease, beginning around age 65 and worsening up to 85 and older.

Five Facts Regarding Alzheimer’s in the Arizona Area

There are 29 different Alzheimer’s care facilities in Surprise, AZ.

55,000 people between the ages of 75 and 84 have Alzheimer’s in Arizona.

The state of Arizona experienced 2,383 deaths in 2013 due to Alzheimer’s.

357 million hours of care went unpaid in 2014.

There are at least six Alzheimer’s support groups in the Phoenix area.

What is Included With Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care is focused on providing medical assistance and overall attentiveness. Meal planning, medication management, and companionship are just a few of the offerings available from an Alzheimer’s care team. The care can take place in your own home or in a professional setting. Memory care facilities are well tailored to meet the needs of Alzheimer’s patients, with grab bars in the bathrooms, wheelchair accessible showers, and nurses on staff 24 hours a day.

What are the Costs of Surprise, AZ Alzheimer’s Care?

Orchard Pointe Assisted Living is one of the Alzheimer’s care facilities available in the area. The average price for this location is $4,000. A semi-private room will be split between two roommates, lessening the costs so it is more affordable.

The Sanctuary of Sunrise is another option. This facility charges upwards of $4,200. There is also a semi-private option, and also a private room designed for one person. Desert Palms Adult Care offers respite services. Alzheimer’s patients can stay at the center for a short while so their caregivers can have time to themselves. The price is less costly than a full-term stay.

What are the Ways to Pay for Alzheimer’s Care?

If you can afford services, you can attempt to pay all costs on your own. After years of care that some patients end up needing, however, this can put quite a large financial burden on your family. Another alternative is to look into different insurance plans. You can find your own insurance plan for your loved one, which will still require you to pay into the plan and handle some of the costs that are not covered. You also have the option of signing your loved one up for Medicare. This federal insurance program is intended for seniors who will experience higher medical costs due to their age. There are specific guidelines for what types of services are included with this insurance, which may still leave you paying for a few things out of pocket.

Once you have paid what you can and you have insurance set up, it is time to look for resources in your area. You can contact your state, or search for local chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association. They will be able to offer guidance on how to make payments and handle the necessary expenses. There may even be a fund available to help pay for some of the expenses if your family is low income.

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